Using Valencia Theater Seating’s Online Customizer

When creating your home theater you want it to fit the feel of your house. This means that the look of the seating needs to fit the color and the aesthetic of all the elements around it. With Valencia Theater Seating’s online customizer, you can customize all aspects of your chair. This blog post is to help you navigate the online customizer so you can create a chair that fits the unique feel of your room.

Navigating To The Customizer

To get to the customizer go to Valencia Theater Seating’s home page. From the home page click the online store button to take you to the online store. Once you are at the online store page you should be able to see the “Build Your Own” Button. Click this button and then select the model you want to customize. You will then be taken to the customizer that allows you to make you chair exactly like you want.

Choosing the Material For Your Chair

There are 3 different materials that you can chose for your chair. Each material has their own unique look and feel, so pick what ever material you think is will fit the look of your home theater. The three materials you can pick from are:

  • Nappa Leather
    • Nappa leather is a high quality type of leather that is typically used inside luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz. Nappa leather is both smooth and soft, providing a slick look while also providing you with maximum comfort.
  • Velour Fabric
    • Velour is a plush velvet like fabric that has a lot of very fine soft fibers. Velour is know for its super soft finish that follows the stroke of your hand.
  • Italian Leather
    • Italian leather is some of the highest quality leather available. This leather is fully processed and tanned in Milian. This leather is completely genuine in its texture and color, it is not dyed or imprinted with any grain textures.

One or Two Tones?

On top of being able to pick the material for your chair, you are also able to chose the color of the material. Each type of material comes in various colors, allowing you to make sure the color of the chair fits the feel of your home theater. The customizer also allows you to create a chair with two different tones of colors. This means that one section of the chair can be a different color than another section. This allows you to truly create a unique chair for your home theater.

Piping, The Cup Holder and Tray Holder

Another decision that you need to make when creating your chair is if you want piping. If you decide your chair needs piping, the customizer allows you to add piping and change its color. You are also able to change the color of the cup holder so that it does not class with your chair!

Comfort Level

Another thing you need to consider when creating your chair is the comfort level. The comfort level refers to the firmness of the cushions. The customizer offers 3 options: soft, medium, and firm. When selecting the comfort level you need to consider you needs. If sitting in soft chairs results in back pain maybe you need a firmer chair to support your back. The comfort level of your chair is all a matter of preference, you should pick a comfort level that will allow you to be comfortable for long periods of time without having to worry about back pain.


The configuration of your chair depends on your personal needs. We discussed picking your chair configuration in a previous blog post, check it out here!


Finally, the cusomizer allows you to pick accessories that come with your chair. These accessories include either a tray table or tablet holder. Pick which ever one suits your needs! Now you can go out and create your own custom chair!