The Little-Known, Very Versatile World of Basement Movie Rooms

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8 Trends in Home Theater Design

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Holiday Horror, Action & Fantasy Movies? Are You Sure?

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Create the Perfect Home Theater Room with this Essential Checklist

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Creating the Right Acoustics in Your Home Theater Room

When you picked the audio equipment for your home theater, you chose something with full-spectrum sound and speakers that produce amazing sound saturation. But here’s the thing; if you failed to consider the acoustics of your movie room, even the best sound system can be rendered absolute trash. Then you’re stuck watching movies in a … Read more

How to Find the Best Home Theater Seating Manufacturer

Buying home theater seating and equipment online is super common now, simply because there are so many ways to customize your media room design that you just can’t find on a retailer floor. The issue with the multimedia seating that’s on the retail floor is it’s generic. Minimal choices for colors, features, style, design – … Read more

Man Caves: But Why, Though?

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5 Creative Seating Solutions for a Media Room with Multiple Uses

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What is the Best Kind of Leather?

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Leather Quality Rich in appearance and extraordinarily supple in comfort, Valencia Theater Seating leather stands out from the rest. Industry standard leather can be over-processed and damaged with the use of harsh chemicals, creating a watered-down version of what should have been a beautiful full-grain leather chair. But Valencia Nappa … Read more

How To Build a Home Theater

Ever wonder what it would be like to bring the full movie theater experience to your home? Having that familiar cinema vibe, from the comfort and security of your basement? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build your ultimate home theater room. STEP 1: Optimizing Screen Distance and Theater Seating Layout When measuring your … Read more