Our 10 Favorite Scary Movies to Watch in the Dark

Spooky Season is just around the corner. Cool fall days, dark, chilly nights, the re-emergence of the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. And that also means it’s time for cozy fall movie nights. For some reason, October is the perfect time of year for watching the most horrific movies in your movie queue. We’ve got some … Read more

12 Netflix Shows You Don’t Wanna Miss This Month!

12 Netflix Shows You Don’t Wanna Miss This Month! KAKEGURUI TWINAugust 4 Set one year before the arrival of Yumeko Jabami at Hyakkao Private Academy, a normal, everyday girl named Mary Saotome transfers to the school. But how does this regular schoolgirl transform into a compulsive gambler?Source: NETFLIX ANIME The Sandman August 5 There is … Read more

5 Creative Seating Solutions for a Media Room with Multiple Uses

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to make a home theater that’s solely dedicated to home theater uses. In an ideal world, we’d all have an extra room or two in the house we could do whatever we want with, but it’s just not always the case. The good news is, stadium-style, elevated rows of theater … Read more


10 Valencia Theater Seating Styles & What Your Favorite Says About You

Match Your Personality to a Valencia Theater Seat – because why not! These days, there is a personality quiz for everything. Whether it’s your favorite color, food, film genre, or preferred season, it all means something about you. Personal style and interior design are perhaps some of the more accurate depictions of what reflects your … Read more

What is National Anti-Boredom Month?

Of all the random calendar holidays in our country… this is a new one. Wait; but it’s not – apparently we’ve been forgetting to celebrate it since the late 80’s. Alan Caruba started National Anti-Boredom month, which technically starts July 1st every year but was really only meant to be observed after July 4th Independence … Read more

The Ultimate Home Theater Seat

RARE ITALIAN LEATHER SEMI-ANILINE NAPPA LEATHER 20000 100% draped in Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000, the smooth buttery matte finish is unwavering in its perfection and luxe appeal. Originating from true authentic Italian leather tanning, Valencia’s Semi-Aniline Nappa leather is handcrafted using century old practices. PERFORATED FRENCH DIAMOND STITCHING Exceptionally crafted to enhance your home’s … Read more

TVs, Projectors & Screens, Oh My!

We can’t all be techies. Sometimes, there’s too much to deal with when it comes to specs for audiovisual equipment. What size screen you need, what resolution you want, what color gamut is important to you – there are tonnes of options out there because, besides top-of-the-line vs not, everyone just has different preferences. Professional … Read more

We Custom-Matched Supercar Blondie’s Rolls Royce!

See custom theater seating like never before! Color, tech features, customized embroidery, and more! Brisbane native Alex Hirschi had a penchant for luxury cars from a young age.  After graduating Queensland University with a degree in Journalism, Alex packed her bags and headed for Dubai. There she would land a 9-year gig as a Dubai … Read more

You Should Make Your Home Media Room’s Sound System Wireless

No one likes looking around their media room and seeing cords running all over the place. Likewise, we’d guess about 0 out of 10 people enjoy the crawl space and attic activities associated with running new electric. If you’ve just started building your own home theater – stop here and start researching purpose-built wireless sound … Read more


3 Reasons Velour is Vital in Your Home Theater

Velour & Theaters: A Match Made in Cinema Heaven Have you ever noticed that classic movie cinemas and live theaters always seem to have velour or velvet theater seating? Have you noticed how much more uncommon this theater trend has become over time? These days when it comes to home theaters and high-end theaters, rows … Read more