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A Complete Guide To Buying Home Theater Seating

A Complete Guide to Buying Home Theater Seating Intro: Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself when Planning a DIY Home Theater So you’re creating a dedicated media room to give your home a whole new vibe. Exciting! But you’ve got planning to do and questions to answer before the power tools come out.  Will your home … Read more

The Little-Known, Very Versatile World of Basement Movie Rooms

Not many of us live in a house that had an awesome basement when you bought it. If you’re in the minority and did have an awesome basement when you bought your house, congrats – we’re high-key jealous. Anyway, sometimes it can be hard to determine how much work you want to put into your … Read more

Have a Funny Valentine’s Day with These Quirky Rom Coms

You know what’s fun? Romantic comedies that spend their ubiquitous 90 minutes making fun of themselves. If you’re looking to do a cozy night in with your friends, family or SO this Valentine’s Day, and you hate romance but love that heartwarming feeling at the end of a movie where the guy gets the girl, … Read more

Addressing Representation & Inclusivity at the Academy Awards

Even though the Oscars typically don’t air until early Spring, people begin anticipating, analyzing and predicting which nominees will win the various Academy Awards – the highest honor in US for actors, writers and producers. In recent years, the issue of representation – which has always been in the undercurrent – has become a focal … Read more

Why the Term “Genuine Leather” is Less-Than Genuine

 Leather and leather goods are one of the most highly-produced and purchased textiles in the current consumer market. With many types of businesses and companies joining in the “premium leather” game, it’s become increasingly difficult to know what makes a leather premium.  You’ll see words like full-grain, top-grain, Nappa, genuine, bonded, and vegan describing these … Read more

Home Cinema Must-Haves

Let us Geek Out with Dreamedia Snow is falling, you’re shuttering the blinds, pouring a glass of wine, setting the mood, and … crawling on to the couch? That doesn’t sound right. Picture it like this: You are taking a seat with your date in your luxurious brand new home cinema, the mood lights are … Read more

8 Trends in Home Theater Design

Planning to create a theater room in your home, or maybe upgrade your current one? Everyone loves a contemporary, on-trend feel in their home décor. But when it comes to rooms with very specific purposes, like a movie room or a home library, it can be difficult to break out of the standard image you … Read more

Beat Black Friday with the BEST Cinema Seating

Give yourself the real gift that keeps on giving. Having the fastest shopping cart, worlds largest paper shopping bag or having the largest collection of gift cards would be really handy for the Black Friday arriving.  The worlds biggest day of both online and in-person shopping is less than 6 hours from arriving and we … Read more

Raising the Curtain on Black Friday

This is your formal reminder. Oh yes, Black Friday is approaching and at Valencia we are raising the curtain and putting our chairs into full-recline in preparation for the amazing sales that are taking place.  Did you know, that back in the 1950s, police in the city of Philadelphia used the term “Black Friday” to … Read more

SURPRISE! Valencia Theater Seating is Sustainable.

Discover how Theater Seating became a Sustainable Business Sustainability is a term that has become widely known, understood and used mainly for the improvement of our planet. Having carbon-neutral operations, renewable energy and sustainable goods is something that has become critical to the consumer supply chain in recent decades. Valencia Theater Seating has been investigating … Read more