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High End Luxury Home Theater Seating

Luxury is both a lifestyle and an experience. It exceeds the status quo and elevates you to a level of opulence like no other.

When you think of luxury, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The presence of a Rolls Royce? Flying first class? Rare quality craftsmanship? 

As Valencia continues to progress towards luxury home theater seating, the quality and craftsmanship is becoming a rarity in the home theater world. The next biggest luxury innovation to come out of Valencia was just released this week. 

The Tuscany Ultimate Luxury Edition is the latest Valencia model and stands true to its name. Every component of this chair is luxurious, right down to the finished hardware. 

This chair is the same Tuscany design, with upgraded features, and the addition of some new luxury features. Here’s a list of what this power recliner has to offer;


100% draped in Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000, the smooth buttery matte finish is unwavering in its perfection and luxe appeal. Originating from true authentic Italian leather tanning, Valencia’s Semi-Aniline Nappa leather is handcrafted using century old practices.


Exceptionally crafted to enhance your home’s luxury factor, the Perforated French diamond stitching increases breathability and padding and takes comfort to a whole new level.


Choose from 7 different color options to light up the Ultimate Luxury’s base and sleek black chrome cup holders. Pick your favorite color and add a nice glow to the ambiance.


Navigate your comfort using the mechanical controls on the inside of the armrest. The control has a USB-C and regular USB port so you can charge all your devices while enjoying the movie. It is equipped with memory function to conveniently save your personal position preference as well as Home button.


Immerse yourself in luxury with the sleek and sophisticated black chrome finished cup holders. The cup holder rim is lined with LED RGB Lighting equipped with 7 different colors to choose from.


Lined with Parisian Velour, the concealed armrest storage presents you with a functional, yet elite design with a soft open detail. Conveniently store your gadgets by your side, without the clutter.


Accent that beautifully adds a finishing detail to the back of the chair. The Semi-Aniline leather wrapped plate is just the finishing touch needed for placing the chair in any space.


Ergonomically sculpted with power lumbar support and recline that allows you to control the firmness of the cushion to maximize back support.


The power headrest allows you to smoothly adjust your position to cater your personal preference. Customize your optimal angle and save to the chair’s memory for future use.


Accent that beautifully adds a finishing detail to the back of the chair. The leather-wrapped plate is a sleek touch to secure the back leather flap.

Valencia seating is designed with high quality, high resiliency foam in the seat cushion to be comfortable, yet ergonomic, maximizing the enjoyment of your theater while minimizing fatigue.

So there you have it. A recliner so luxurious and rare in the world of custom furniture. Explore The Ultimate Luxury here.

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