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A Complete Guide To Buying Home Theater Seating

A Complete Guide to Buying Home Theater Seating Intro: Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself when Planning a DIY Home Theater So you’re creating a dedicated media room to give your home a whole new vibe. Exciting! But you’ve got planning to do and questions to answer before the power tools come out.  Will your home … Read more

Game in Style and Comfort: Our Guide to Setting up the Ultimate Gaming Room

Who says home theater seating and other furniture is exclusively for watching movies? With the rise in gaming as both a hobby and a profession in the recent decade, it’s no wonder that some fans have taken to build entire rooms dedicated to the activity, decked out in gaming nostalgia and memorabilia. Home cinema-oriented furniture … Read more

The Design is in the Details: Our Favorite Furniture Ideas for Home Theaters

No matter what room in your home you’re designing or redecorating, paying attention to the small details is important in crafting a cohesive theme and showcasing your personality.  Your media room is no different—the type of home theater seats, accessories, and unique home décor can all tie together to create a space that is uniquely … Read more

5 Easter Movies for an Egg-citing Easter

Christmas movies get all the hype. Next in line is Halloween movies and soon after that Valentines Day (hallmark we are looking at you). However, did you know that Easter movies are way more common than we are lead to believe and some of the Dreamworks best pictures have been created with the bunny-focused holiday … Read more

A Timeless Classic: 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Leather Seating

You’re looking around your decked out media room, and your eyes fall to your years-old fabric home theater seating. It looked great when you first got it, but it has since fallen victim to the ravages of time—you’ve got fabric pilling, stains, and cat scratches galore up along the arm rests. It’s without a doubt … Read more

5 Reasons to Consider a Projector for Your New Home Theater

So, you’re in the midst of designing and piecing together your home theater. You’ve narrowed it down and selected some stellar chairs for your entertainment room in your color of choice, and you may have even looked into some extra furniture and decor to help tie it all together and create the ultimate space for … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Throw Out Your Fabric Couch

Have you ever wondered what went into the making of that couch your parents were passed down by their parents and will probably be passed onto you too? Yet, that same couch is 30+ years old still looks show-room ready. How could that be?  Making furniture and what makes it luxury is something that has … Read more

10 Shows to Look Forward to Streaming on Netflix this Year

We love a good full-season binge, so it’s a good thing Netflix is pretty much constantly coming out with new content, and in so many different genres, too. With a huge dump of new movies, series and seasons in January alone, there’s always more to come. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to: 1. YOU … Read more

The Little-Known, Very Versatile World of Basement Movie Rooms

Not many of us live in a house that had an awesome basement when you bought it. If you’re in the minority and did have an awesome basement when you bought your house, congrats – we’re high-key jealous. Anyway, sometimes it can be hard to determine how much work you want to put into your … Read more

Have a Funny Valentine’s Day with These Quirky Rom Coms

You know what’s fun? Romantic comedies that spend their ubiquitous 90 minutes making fun of themselves. If you’re looking to do a cozy night in with your friends, family or SO this Valentine’s Day, and you hate romance but love that heartwarming feeling at the end of a movie where the guy gets the girl, … Read more

Addressing Representation & Inclusivity at the Academy Awards

Even though the Oscars typically don’t air until early Spring, people begin anticipating, analyzing and predicting which nominees will win the various Academy Awards – the highest honor in US for actors, writers and producers. In recent years, the issue of representation – which has always been in the undercurrent – has become a focal … Read more