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A Complete Guide To Buying Home Theater Seating

A Complete Guide to Buying Home Theater Seating Intro: Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself when Planning a DIY Home Theater So you’re creating a dedicated media room to give your home a whole new vibe. Exciting! But you’ve got planning to do and questions to answer before the power tools come out.  Will your home … Read more

10 Clever, Standout Home Theater Themes

Like any room, a home theater should follow basic interior design principles like a color scheme to create unity and visual effectiveness. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Home Theater rooms don’t have to be boring; they are a great opportunity to express your personality, be clever, and standout from the … Read more

Our Top 10 Must-Have Home Theater Accessories

When planning and building a movie room in your home, some things are obvious. You know – electrical, projector, projector screen, sound system, seating. But even with all those top-of-the-line fixtures, you might start to notice as you use the room that there are details you still need to iron out. And it’s easy to … Read more

Sports Fans Deserve Home Theaters

Move over movie lovers, home cinemas are for the sports fanatics too! Since the pandemic struck, the desire for home theaters has surged. With fewer people able to go to the cinema, more and more people were missing the big screen. It is no surprise then that the home theater seating industry grew. More people … Read more

Easy-to-Understand Definitions for Important Home Theater Terms

If you’re undertaking the endeavor of creating a dedicated theater room in your home, there’s some industry-specific terminology you should probably be familiar with. If you’re worried you’ve just opened a Pandora’s Box of movie theater and tech terms; don’t. We only picked our top 20. Ever heard of a pocketbook dictionary? This is kind … Read more

A Guide to Getting Stains out of Your Leather Media Room Seating

Every family with kids and/or pets understands the constant risk of scratches and stains on any and all surfaces of the home. Really. Even walls – toddlers love crayons. But even the most adult, immaculate, curated homes are still susceptible to accidents. We’re only human. What if you trip over a rug and spill some … Read more

The Many Potential Pitfalls of Media Room Design

A DIY home theater project requires coordinating a lot of things at once. You have the three big things: the theater seating, projector/screen, and sound system, but there’s a lot at play between all three of those. Where should the speakers go? How big should the screen be? How many rows of theater seating can … Read more

A Quiet Place puts Your Bass Speakers on Blast

If you’ve invested in a serious sound systems and theater seats with bass shakers, you should probably take advantage. Bass shaker seats immerse you in the movie-watching experience, not to mention add to the ubiquitous stomach flip at jump scares. But to take best advantage of those big base blowouts in climactic movie scenes, sci-fi … Read more

Basement Home Theaters Have Advantages over Above-Ground Rooms

People often underestimate the potential of their half-finished basement. It’s dark down there, and the cement is cold. It’s laundry and storage… why bother? But you’re wasting the potential for a completely dedicated basement home theater that doesn’t sacrifice any of the current space in your house. Adding a bonus room without actually having to … Read more

Our Craziest Home Theater Transformation Yet!

How To Build a Custom Home Theater If you’re a home theater enthusiast it’s probably not new for you to see a basic basement transitioned into a luxury home theater.  It can be a tedious process, but the reward is more than worth it. Your home theater is personal to you and your needs, which … Read more

How Long has Projection Technology Been Around?

Not to be dramatic, but technically, humans have been projecting images onto surfaces using light for thousands of years. Honestly, probably about 100,000. And that’s only if we were the first ones to do it. Feasibly, Neanderthals and Denisovans would have been equally capable of coming up with this idea. Okay, you’re thinking this sounds … Read more