A Complete Guide to Buying Home Theater Seating


Will your home theater primarily serve as a place to watch the game at the highest quality? Will, it’s the main purpose be delivering an immersive gaming experience? Or is your space going to be made to provide a top-notch cinematic experience for your friends and family? No matter the type of home theater you have in mind, creating just the right feel is critical to the ambiance of your space. Hitting just the right tone can present a challenge at times. At the heart of creating your perfect cineplex at home is selecting the ideal home theater seats. You might have a top-tier sound system and TV or projector, but in order to sit back and truly enjoy your home theater – the seats must be just right. There are quite a few things to consider in your search for the perfect home theater seating, from ensuring your ideal capacity for theater viewers while staying in budget, to find the style, level of comfort, and accessories that align with your vision. As home theater seating experts at Valencia Theater Seating, we’re here to help you create the home theater of your dreams. In this complete guide, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about home theater.

Maximizing Your Space

By following a few simple guidelines, you can turn almost any sized room into the perfect home theater. The design of your theater chairs can help maximize your space and contribute to the desired atmosphere, so it’s important to choose carefully. The first step is to consider the ideal number of viewers your home theater will seat with considerations to the space available. A few critical components of home theater seating design to keep in mind, in addition to room dimensions, are viewing distance and angles from the chairs to the screen and standard seating measurements. There is an abundance of home theater seating options that will help you account for these elements, and even more styles, designs, and customizations to fit any theme.

HeightWidthDepthDepth – Extended
Row of Two43½“68¼”39¾”69½”
Row of Three43½“99″39¾”69½”
Row of Four43½“129¾”39.5″69½”
Row of Five43½“160½”39¾”69½”
Loveseat Left43½“92¼”39¾”69½”
Loveseat Right43½“92¼”39¾”69½”
Loveseat Center43½“123″39¾”69½”

Use these dimensions of the relatively slender Valencia Zurich Home Theater Seating as a reference point. Let’s take a look at some ways to maximize your space.

Open vs Seating Space

When planning the number of seats and their configuration in your theater, think about the room’s shape, size, as well as the layout of any other components of the room, such as the speakers, screen, or a bar. Ask yourself some questions to determine the approximate space to allow for seating:

  1. Do you prefer sitting close to the screen or further away?
  2. Do you want a spacious home theater seating or space to seat as many people as possible?
  3. Are you willing to combine styles of seating, such as couches and loveseats, or do you prefer a single type of seating?

The position of your seating plays a big part in how viewers experience the theater. So, to both maximize your space and your enjoyment, consider each of these fundamental elements of your theater:

Audio Quality

The placement of your seating can determine the sound quality of your home cinema. To get the best sound, theater seats should be placed within the sound cone of all the main speakers keep this in mind especially if you plan to maximize the viewer capacity in your theater. Ensure that all the seats in your theater have similar audio exposure levels so that every family member or guest is treated to an immersive audio experience to go along with comfortable seating.

Field of View

As you plan your dream home theater, you can’t forget about the all-important field of view! The placement of your screen determines the layout of the rest of your theater room. To make sure that every seat is the best in the house, aim for a 30-degree field of vision relative to the screen. Also, viewers’ eyes should be aligned as closely as possible to the center of the screen. The field of vision can be challenging to calculate and implement in your home theater system. So, as an alternative, strive for a field of view that is 1.5 to 3 times the diagonal screen size and within a 90-degree arc. If your theater room seating involves multiple rows, risers can be very helpful to avoid obstruction of view for each row behind the first.

Home Theater Seats Canada for your home theater

Home Theater Seats canada

The size of your screen also determines how far away your theater chairs should be from it. Luckily, finding out the minimum and maximum distance is easier than calculating the field of view. The minimum distance between the seats and the screen for comfortable viewing is about 2 times the horizontal length of your screen. The maximum distance is about 5 times the horizontal length of the screen, meaning that viewers that sit further away than this will risk a blurry or low-quality view of the screen.

Styles to Make Your Space Work for You

Once you have determined the seating arrangement that gives you the best audio quality and field of view, the next step is finding the home theater seating style that maximizes your space. The sheer number of options may be overwhelming, but the variety means that you are guaranteed to find theater chairs that work for your particular home theater. First, familiarize yourself with the various options for home theater furniture. A popular choice is the classic single recliner, but there is no need to limit your home theater to one style. Home theater seating merchants today offer various styles of seating such as loveseats, couches, cinema-style lounge chairs. And you can always add a couple of bar stools if you have a bar or bean bags and ottomans for additional seating that takes up little space.


Recliners are the most popular options of home theater seating and are therefore available in a great variety of styles and functions, such as recline settings, individual USB ports, and drink holders. They allow for ultimate comfort and personal space and are a standard choice for home theaters. A recliner with a classic design is the Valencia Syracuse. The simple design and narrow armrests makes it comfortable and sleek, yet compact enough to maximize the number of seats into theaters with limited space.

Home Theater seat


Rows create a classic cinema feel and are useful for fitting as many seats as possible in your home theater room. There is a diverse selection of home theater furniture that can be installed in rows, with the typical configuration ranging from 2-5 seats per row. For configurations that save space and accommodate every function of the room, you can mix and match recliners, couches, and loveseats.

Home Theater Seating

Source: https://www.eastporters.com/product/valencia-tuscany-motorized-seating-top-grain-nappa-leather/ One of the most popular space-saving yet personal configurations includes a row of four, with a single loveseat in the middle and two individual seats on each side. To save more space, a single row could consist of two love seats. In addition, loveseats can make for cozier, more flexible seating while adding a casual finish. All Valencia seats can be configured in any row combination of loveseats and single seats. Rows of seats are the most compact, and the easiest configuration to arrange and fit in the field of view. If you are designing a theater room to fit just a couple of people, a row of seats with a built-in table will save you space by getting rid of the need for additional end tables. The Valencia Oxford collection offers a three-seat couch where the middle seat converts to a shared table and features hideaway storage, LED lights, a USB port, and cup holders.

Home Theater Seating canada

But if space is not an issue, multiple rows of theater seats with risers are a classic stylistic and functional pleaser.

Sofas and Chaise Lounges

Although they can be large, sofas and chaise lounges can be quite versatile, especially for families or those who don’t have a dedicated home theater room. You can find this style of home theater furniture in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials. Depending on the purpose of your theater room, you can rearrange the furniture to accommodate your personal needs. This will be discussed in more detail later.


Seating is an integral part of your home theater room and should be well accounted for in your budget. After all, neither pristine audio nor a crystal-clear TV screen can fix the frustration and discomfort of subpar seating. The costs of home theater seats vary greatly depending on the quality, style, and additional features and accessories. A combination of couches, recliners, and other styles of seating can ensure you don’t go over budget, while not missing out on the ultimate comfort and relaxation of recliners.

Find Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

Theater chairs have come a long way since the first home theaters. There are a number of modifications and features you can add to your preferred style to create the perfect chair, custom-made for your theater room.


A comfortable headrest can make all the difference. Although numerous Valencia home Theater seats feature a motorized headrest adjustment, for those that don’t, the addition of a cushioning neck pillow promises the chance to sit back and relax the whole time you’re in your home cinema. Valencia neck pillows are fully adjustable and made from top-grain leather. The padding offers great support that will allow you to sit comfortably throughout a movie (or multiple!) without straining your neck.

Home Theater Seating


Whether you’re accommodating adults that cherish the ultimate relaxing experience or children that tend to jump and climb, you want chairs that can keep up with your lifestyle.

Home Theater Seating furniture preparation

Quality home theater seating is an investment, so its construction should be made to last. Valencia’s products consist of steel and wood construction that won’t break down over time.

Recline Functionality

Home Theater Seating special

test Choose from motorized, manual, or no reclining function for any style of chair you prefer. The Valencia premium line features the distinguished Leggett & Platt reclining mechanism, known around the world for its lifetime, comfort and unmatched ease of use.

Storage and Cup Holders

You can save both space and money by ditching extra furniture, like end tables, and choosing a seating option with built-in storage and cup holders. If you enjoy a glass of wine with your movie, but worry about accidentally spilling it, a wine glass caddy is a simple solution that works for numerous shapes and sizes of wine glasses.

Home Theater Seating

In the same vein, opting for other accessories, like tray tables, makes it even more convenient to enjoy a dinner or a snack with the show, without any of the mess.

Home Theater Seating Canada

Additional Features

For a truly cinematic atmosphere, built-in LEDs underneath your seating adds a cool and modern touch.

Home Theater Seating

In addition, the subdued lighting can be functional, as it allows for some light to see without abrading the cinematic feel. USB ports are another amenity in many modern theater chairs today. You won’t ever have to pause a movie to go plug your phone in – just charge it right in your seat! If your home theater will be used for gaming, a built-in USB port can ensure your controllers are always fully charged.

Style and comfort

Theater seats in fabric or leather? Leather is luxurious and will give your home theater home a chic and elegant ambiance. Compared to fabric theater chairs, leather ones are easier to clean, stain-resistant, don’t absorb smells, and last longer. Fabric chairs, on the other hand, are customizable, with a multitude of colors to suit any theater room design. However, fabric theater chairs absorb smells more easily, can be harder to clean, and tend to wear out faster than leather.

Home Theater Seating

Custom-built Valencia Zurich seats made for a client’s home theater.

Modern vs. Classic Design

Depending on the aesthetic you are going for in your home theater seating, you may strive for a modern or classic style of movie theater seating. Each offers a high degree of comfort and sophistication, but also serves to change the look and feel of your room.

Home Theater Seating

Classic styles like the Valencia Tuscany are a timeless choice and are a safe way to style your theater room. If, on the other hand, you want something bold and outside the box, a modern style such as the Manhattan will elevate your room and take it to the next level, both in appearance and enjoyment. A modern theater chair like this might have a minimalist design, but that doesn’t mean it’s minimal on features. Modern theater chairs work well for multipurpose spaces, theater rooms, or mixed media rooms. No matter what the purpose is, the Manhattan works as the centerpiece of any room without sacrificing comfort.

Home Theater Seating canada style

Source: https://www.eastporters.com/product/manhattan/

Design Ideas for Your Perfect Home Cinema

When planning the perfect home theater seating, you want to think about its main purpose. Will you use the room for entertaining during sport functions? Or will it simply be a private cinema experience for you and a few close ones? Your home theater can be any level of elaborate or casual, but it’s important to know what you want to use it for in order to ensure your seating will suit every occasion. Check out the seating in the home theaters below to help determine your own direction:

Home Theater Seating canada

Couches maximize space and are ideal for hosting large groups in your theater.

Home Theater Seating canada

Rows of recliners give a sleek and luxurious look to your theater while providing ideal comfort and personal space for each viewer.

Home Theater Seating

Maintaining an open space in front of the first row of seats allows you to supplement with bean bags when necessary, or to get up for drinks or snacks without obstruction, perhaps ideal for watching sports.

Home Theater Seating

Seating in a slightly circular configuration can create a more spacious and cinematic feel, while a bar provides additional room for entertaining.

Home Theater Seating Canada

A combination of couches, ottomans, and armchairs can ensure both maximum comfort and capacity in your home cinema while avoiding to install risers as necessary in row configurations. Source: http://nextluxury.com/home-design/home-theater-seating-ideas/ Designing your theater room to reflect you and suit your needs can be challenging. But at Valencia Home Theater Seating, we provide seating that can be customized to suit both your style and functional needs. We have a wide selection of home theater furniture, and you can customize your seats with different colors on the primary, secondary, and piping areas of your seats.

Home Theaters for Entertaining

If you are the kind of person who loves to entertain, you’re likely to want to maximize the number of seats you can fit into your theater room. If the primary activity will be watching movies, a relatively simple seating arrangement where all seats face the screen may be right for you.

Home Theater Seating Canada

Source: https://hometheateracademy.com/home-theater-seating-ideas/


You don’t have to be a professional e-sports gamer to have a room devoted to gaming. Gaming is becoming an increasingly popular motivation for creating a home theater system and if it’s one of yours, you’ll want to factor this into your seating plans. If your home theater seating will be used for gaming, the best experience will come from seating that is right in front of the screen and ideally provides lumbar support. The Valencia Tuscany, an extremely ergonomic recliner with powered lumbar support and powered headrest position adjustments, is a great choice to get around this issue. Having only recliners without adjustability for the head and spine may be a less ideal seating option if one of the purposes of your home theater is gaming. These recliners may hurt your back and prevent you from sitting up straight as you are playing, while armchairs, for example, allow for both form and function that suit gaming. Another option to allow flexible purposes of your home cineplex is to include small, easily movable furniture such as bean bags in your seating configuration.

Mixed Media

Not everyone wants a home theater exclusively for watching movies. You might also want it to work for socializing, gaming, or just listening to music. The main consideration when planning seating arrangements for a mixed media room is to select furniture that is adaptable and to avoid making the TV the focal point of the room. Mixed media rooms can mean that your theater doubles as a family room, which may be the case for homes with less space. Whatever the case may be, you want to select a movie home theater that can adapt to the room’s different uses. Sofas can help break up the room if it’s used for different purposes and direct peoples’ attention to or away from the TV, depending on what you are doing.

Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Seating

Source: https://hometheateracademy.com/home-theater-seating-ideas/

Home Theater Seating Canada Style

If you want to make your home theater as Canada theater seating style, don’t worry contact us we will fulfill your requirements.


When planning your home theater, it’s important to be familiar with the various ways to maximize your space, including the careful selection of the style, type, and configuration of your home theater furniture. The arrangement of your seating should account for the field of view and audio quality. Keep in mind the purpose of your home theater.Will it be just for movie watching? Will it do double duty as a family room, or something else? Whatever the motivations behind your home cinema, make sure that the seating accommodates each of your needs. There are many styles of home theater seating to choose from, and the right arrangement can make a big difference in how much space you have to move around. With the guidelines of this article in mind, you can find the perfect seating that will keep up with your lifestyle. Think carefully about any features you’d like as well as the style and ideal configuration of your movie theater seating. Valencia can help you find the perfect seating for your home cinema. If you have any questions or need assistance with selecting the right home theater seating, reach out to us today! Call us at 1-866-455-5042 or send us a message through our website.