Valencia Tuscany XL Console Edition Theater Seating

What makes movie night a luxurious experience? Is it the wine, the cozy atmosphere, the supple feeling of leather as it supports your back as you recline your chair to better enjoy the movie experience? The Tuscany XL Console can provide you a luxurious experience that will take movie night to the next level of comfort.

Combining design and function the Tuscany XL Console provides luxury through its supple leather, cozy cushions, supportive headrest and a center console that holds your favorite glass of wine and food platter for your leisure. Customization is possible so tailor as you see fit and enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience of Tuscany XL Console.

Premium Leather Selection

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Midnight Black Formula Rosso Roast Chestnut Navy Blue Modern Grey Elegant White Charcoal Grey Venetian Rosso Dark Chocolate Cognac Chocolate Brown Sandy Beige

Adjustable Powered Headrest

Customization is the key to a comfortable movie experience. Take control of your comfort with the signature motorized headrest: adjusting your seat to your needs is a breeze!

LED Courtesy Lights

Fumbling in the dark is out. The Oxford features LED courtesy lights so you can easily see what you’re doing, without disturbing your companions. Fixing a drink will be as easy as ever!

Power Lumbar Support

After a long day, your chair needs to support you in all the right places. The power lumbar support allows you to customize its firmness, supporting the curve of your spine.

Hide-Away Storage

In your home theater, you want a place close at hand to keep all of your remotes, snacks and other devices. The convenient hideaway storage keeps everything within easy reach.

LED Cup Holder

Built-in super-sleek LED cup holders with ambient soft glow, and a USB port is included in the Tactile Control System to charge your phones and tablets.

Nappa Top Grain 11000

Delight your senses and reach ultimate luxury with carefully selected full-grain Italian Nappa leather. The Diamond Quilt Stitching offers a plush surface that pampers while looking sharp.

Center Console

Let your seat show its true nature. The center seat easily converts into a console with all you could need to enjoy yourself: from USB ports to cupholders and a table, everything is within reach.

Smooth Motorized Recline

Enjoy a smooth transition from any position with our signature motorized recline system. With a gentle touch of the discreet switch, the electric drive effortlessly reclines.

LED Ambient Light

Make your theater stand out even in a dark room. Our fully integrated LED ambient lighting make sure you can always find your your seats without disturbing fellow movie-watchers.

If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en… would fall… on the same day.

Danny Ocean

At Your Convenience

Tuscany Basic Cupholder Closeup

With a USB charging port, accessory mounting point, LED lights and motorized controls, always close at hand on your home theater seating, your next movie night doesn’t get much easier.

Leggett & Platt Mechanism

Leggett & Platt Mechanism

Our premium line features the internationally recognized Leggett & Platt’s reclining mechanism. Designed for comfort that lasts a lifetime, and unparalleled ease of use.

Ergonomic Foam Cushions

Take your evenings to the next level with Tuscany’s superior ergonomics. Providing support in all the right places, our double foam cushions were engineered for comfort.

Wall-Hugging Recliner Design

Never waste an inch with our signature wall hugging design. Engineered to make the most out of any space while provide an expansive feeling, even when fully reclined!

Enjoy the Comfort of Premium Italian Nappa Leather

Make every day special and enjoy ultimate luxury in the comfort of your own home. Designed for pure pleasure, the Tuscany XL Console boasts buttery-soft Top Grain 11000 Grade Nappa Leather that will bring utmost comfort to every evening.

With a touch of style that serves an important purpose. Diamond Quilted Stitching not only compliments the design of your home theater with a regal flair, but also adds a new layer of comfort to the ergonomic design of your seat.

Seating Configuration

Dropdown Center

Dropdown Center


46 in / 117 cm


90 in / 228.6 cm


39.5 in / 100 cm

Depth – Extended

71.5 in / 181.6 cm

3 Year Pro-Rated Manufacturer’s Warranty