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Our Goal

Valencia’s goal as a seating company is to provide beautifully crafted and designed products that always make the owner feel proud to own.

However, even more importantly than this, we believe that our seats should improve the quality of our clients lives by alleviating back pain and providing proper ergonomic support.


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Motorized Lumbar Support

Valencia’s patented Lumbar support system supports posture and alleviates lower back pain. With extra padding for comfort, the Motorized Lumbar Support System enhances posture, and helps relieve aches and numbness.

Ergonomically Designed

Back pain affects people of all ages, which is why we made sure that each chair is ergonomically designed from the ground up.

We understand that you will spend hours on end in your Valencia Home Theater Seat, so you can be content in knowing that your posture was at the forefront of our design. Comfort has never been this luxurious.

The World’s Best Materials

Valencia Theater Seating prides itself in using only the best base materials for manufacturing high quality theater seating. 

We create our base with high-quality birch-wood, Legget & Platt recliner systems and top-grade Nappa leather to ensure that your theater seat lasts for years to come, constantly providing you a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Beautifully Crafted

With master-craftsmen working on each chair, rest assured that you only get the very best when you purchase a Valencia Home Theater Seat. 

Each chair is checked by our Quality Assurance department, ensuring that you have a seamless experience with your chosen Valencia Theater Seat.

Custom Tailored For You

When a retail-ready solution just doesn’t work, Valencia offers custom tailored solutions for your home theater. 

Use our award-winning product customizer, and create a bespoke seating solution that fulfills your needs and complements your home theater. With premium materials such as Alcantara and Velour Leather available, rest assured that your custom Valencia Home Theater Seating product will be in a class of its own.

About Us

Valencia Theater Seating is North America’s premier Home Theater Seating Specialist. 

Every Valencia chair is designed with support across from legs to the head. The use of special ergonomic foam is placed in strategic areas so that every part of your body is supported. 

The  chairs are designed also with longevity in mind, the use of solid wood constructions, metal recline mechanism and high quality foam means the chairs will hold their shape and comfort for decades to come. 

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Robert Peters

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