Using Home Theater Risers to Create the Ideal Media Room Setup

There’s a lot that goes into planning the design of your new home theater, let alone choosing the multimedia furniture and setting up all the tech infrastructure. And when designing the seating layout of your home theater room, you’ve likely considered several options. There are entertainment room couches, multimedia sofas and loveseats, rows of 6 seat theater recliners – with the ability to create your own custom home theater furniture, the possibilities really are endless.

Well, maybe not endless. There are the dimensions, doors and windows of the room to consider; which is one reason we love basement home theater builds. But, if you’ve considered elevated back rows of home theater risers for DIY stadium seating in your home theater – even if it is in the basement – there are some things you should know before you get in too deep. You’ll likely learn your room is a lot less limited than you think it is; you can incorporate home theater risers and platforms in a wide array of spaces.

How Do I Know if I Can do an Elevated Back Row of Home Theater Chairs?

First of all, when we’re talking about home theater risers and stadium-style seating layouts, we’re not talking those steep rows of theater chairs typical of actual movie theaters and stadiums. Because your home theater room is a much smaller version of a movie theater, the height of the rows of seating platforms decreases proportionally, too. 

In fact, risers and riser platforms for home theaters, as well as elevated home theater chairs for back rows, are typically only 12” tall. So, even if you’re working with a 7’ ceiling in a converted basement or garage, you can get one elevated back row of seating comfortably. 

Where Can I Find Home Theater Risers for Sale?

You can find them right here, where you can design and order home theater risers and riser platforms right along with your luxury theater-style seating. We sell equipment for DIY stadium seating, including platform theater chairs, home theater risers for elevated back rows of seating, and riser platforms for home theaters with creative layouts like home theater sectionals on a raised platform.

How Do I Create My DIY Stadium Seating for My Media Room?

Easy! Call a company that sells home theater risers. You can build the stadium-style seating yourself, have a contractor do it for you, or if you’re only going for one elevated back row of seating, just design your seating with built-in platforms.

Valencia Theater Seating: Creating New Possibilities for Home Theater Design & Layout

Home theater risers and advice on DIY seating layouts isn’t nearly all we do. When you’re considering the design of your new media room’s furniture, you’re only limited by your ideas. Hallmarks of our luxury home theater seating include:

  • 17 colors of full-grain Nappa leather
  • Bespoke lines of high-end home theater seating
  • Furniture choices like multimedia couches, sectionals, sofas, and loveseats
  • Home theater risers for stadium seating
  • Fabric options for home theater furniture, like microfiber and velour
  • Luxury tech features like powered headrests, LED lighting with memory control, and seats with built-in bass shakers

If you’re looking for more information on our home theater seating products, visit our FAQ page, or get in contact with our support team. Take a look around our blog for all things home theater, including inspiration for seating layouts, advice on audiovisual tech, Valencia’s latest celebrity projects, and more. Or customize your own home theater chairs virtually and start to explore the possibilities of modern media room furniture.