Tablet Holder

Never too far out of reach, the tablet has become the ultimate remote control for streaming video and home automation. This accessory is perfect for any home theater chair that needs its own command center. Always keep your tablet at your fingertips with the Valencia tablet holder.

Glass Caddy

Like fine wine and good cheese, Valencia luxury home theater seating and wine glass caddy accessory is an extraordinary pairing. From a slender champagne flute to a wide Bordeaux glass, it’s always within easy reach. In fact, this glass caddy is the perfect home theater accessory to pair with our tray tables and have some fine wine and good cheese.

Tray Table

Why juggle your dinner in your lap while enjoying your favorite TV show? A tray table is a home theater accessory that’s non-negotiable for people who love to snack their way through movies, or families with kids who eat while they’re gaming. Whether it’s chips and dip or beef wellington, the Valencia tray table helps hold all of your necessities on a sturdy even surface.