Before enjoying the ultimate comfort of Valencia theater seats, you need to set them up. When you initially order a product from Valencia, they come packaged in a box requiring some setup. This post is here to provide you with some helpful tips when it comes to unpacking and setting up your brand new chair.

Valencia Monza Home Theater Seats


Once you arrive home with your brand new chair, the first step is to remove it from the box. This may seem like a very simple step, but you must be careful when opening the box or else you might damage the chair. Firstly, you need to make sure the box is the right way up so the chair can easily be removed from the box. Next open the box by cutting the tape. It is recommended that you use a knife or an exacto knife to cut the tape. Make sure the blade is not cutting too deep into the box, or else you can risk slicing the chair’s leather. Once the box is open, take the disassembled chair out and remove all plastic covering.


Once your chair is out of the box it is time to assemble it. These steps describe how to assemble your chair: 

  1. Start by attaching the backrest to the base of the chair. You do not need any tools to do this, all of Valencia’s products have been designed so that they can be assembled with minimum tool use. The backrest has rails on its side. To attach it to the base you need to slide these rails onto the rails of the base.
  2. After the backrest is attached you need to hook up all the wires, so that all the motorized features work correctly. The wires are located at the back of the chair in the area where the backrest and base are connected. Attach the wires that are connected to the backrest to their corresponding wires on the base of the chair. Notice that the wires have clips that make them stay connected. Make sure when you plug the wires into one another you also ensure that the clamp are also attached, to make sure that the wires do not disconnect.
  3. Next you need to remove the protective padding from the lumbar support mechanism. In the same location where the wires are connected, you’ll notice there are two bars with white protective padding over them. Remove this padding, and then your chair’s motorized lumbar support is ready to go. 

If you still find yourself getting confused about how to assemble your chair take a look at the instructions to get a more in depth description of how to set up your chair!

Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to add the final touches to make sure your chair is fully set up. First of all you need to make sure that your chair in placed correctly in your home theater. Since the chair reclines, you need to make sure that it is placed at least 12 inches from a wall to make sure the back does not hit the wall when it reclines. If you ordered a double chair, love seat,  triple chair, or any seating arrangement that contains multiple chairs make sure you push them together to make sure they are in the proper arrangement. Note that your chair may have clips that need to be used in order to attach the chairs together.  The very final step is to remove the protective plastic covering that is over the accessory port. 

Now that you have your chair set up, you can enjoy movies and TV to the max.