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Try these tweaks to improve your media room.

Setting up a Home Theater Room can be hard work. That’s why the small details often get overlooked. Once you’ve settled in and enjoyed your system for a while, you might be wondering how you can get more out of it. The good thing is, some changes can be super easy and quick, while still making a world of difference. Take your Home Theater from great to amazing with these easy hacks:

Switch your speakers

Tailoring your speaker placement is one of those things that are often forgotten when your first set up your Home Theater Room. If your speakers are tucked in a corner, pointing to the ceiling or inside a cabinet, the easiest thing you can do to improve your evenings is placing them properly. This will make every projection and movie even more immersive, with absolutely zero extra costs!

Install a dedicated electrical circuit:

This one might be a little trickier to do, but it can give a boost to the whole room. Our homes are so filled with electrical gadgets, that your home theater might be getting a lot of “electrical noise”, causing current variations and lessening your equipment’s performance. A dedicated circuit solely for your delicate and expensive electronics can help extend their life and make them last for years to come.

Avoid extra shine

If your room is painted or covered with wallpaper, make sure it has a matte finish. Even the slightest shimmer can reflect your projections, making it difficult to truly immerse yourself in what you’re watching. Choosing darker colors like brown, or a muted blue or green, can also have a big impact. Grab a bucket of paint, make sure it’s matte and get ready to enjoy your room on a whole other level.

Control reverberation

In short, reverberation is the “reflection” of sound on a room’s surfaces. In a big theatre, reverberation often means the place has great acoustics. At home? Avoid it at all costs if you want to enjoy undistorted sound. To fix this, soften the hard surfaces the sound might be bouncing from: install sound absorbing panels or even place some drapes in the walls. You will make the most out of your speakers!

Get comfortable seating

This one might not be the easiest of them all, but having ergonomic, comfortable seating can make your Home Theater great again. Maybe your old seats are starting to get lumpy, or you’re using the same couch from the living room. If so, start thinking about getting dedicated seating designed for the task. Ensure you’re comfortable and get ready to enjoy your Home Theater again!