Home Theater Seating

Designed with luxurious comfort in mind

Your comfort is our priority, and that is the reason why we’ve engineered our Premiere theater seating to provide the support and softness you need. Our dedicated Pneumatic Lumbar Support was designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. The lumbar support is a cushion specially engineered to preserve your back’s health. Designed to accommodate to your comfort, the lumbar support firmness can be adjusted at the touch of a button, ensuring the ideal support to your lower back in any position.

The Pneumatic Lumbar Support will feel slipping into a gentle cloud after a tiring day. Sometimes, when you stay too long in the same posture, your back will take the toll, getting stiff as time goes by. With the adjustable lumbar support, you can easily adjust your support on the fly, allowing you to enjoy your shows for hours on end without tensing your back.

Details engineered to deliver luxury

A chair can be the most soft in the world, but if it lacks neck support, straining your neck can be uncomfortable after just after a few minutes. Through our design process we’ve strived to achieve ultimate ergonomic support in all the right places. In this sense, the Tuscany keeps your spine aligned and your muscles relaxed, while supporting your legs, back and your neck.

Our specialists have designed the Powered Headrest for proper head and neck support, so the Powered Headrest is entirely customizable. This way, you can choose the position that better fit your needs. The smooth mechanism of the headrest allows you to change positions without interrupting your show.

Our Premier Seating has been engineered to give you the ultimate comfort from the inside, and the surface of your seat is just as important. Our Premiere seats are covered in the highest quality Nappa 11000 grade leather. Hand-treated and dyed by experts, the Nappa leather used in all our chairs is selected from the top 20% of raw cow hide. To ensure maximum comfort, we have developed a Diamond Quilting technique, a stitching pattern that transforms the surface of each chair into dozens of tiny cushions.

If you’re looking for the ultimate cinema experience, Valencia Premiere is the seating you’re looking for.