How Many Seats Should You Get For Your Home Theater?

When creating a plan for your home theater, one big thing you need to consider is how much seating you need. You do not want to spend money on extra chairs if they will barely get any use. Thus, you want to consider a few things when deciding the number of seats you need.

Dedicated Home Theater VS. Multimedia Room

First you need to decide if you home theater is actually a dedicated home theater. Is it going to be a place where you only watch movies and TV, or will it be more a Multimedia room where you relax with company (more or less like a living room). If you are making a dedicated home theater, the next two sections will help you figure out how many seats you need. But if you are planning on making more of a multimedia room, you may want to buy a few extra chairs. Why? If you have friends or family over, you typically relax and talk in the living room space. So having extra space to accommodate unexpected guests is a good idea.

Size Of Immediate Family

If you are planning to have a dedicated home theater you first need to consider the size of your immediate family.

You want to make sure you can accommodate for your kids, you significant others, and who ever lives in your house. Making sure that everyone can get the most of out of your movie night is very important.

Another thing to consider is if your family will actually attend movie night. If you find only you and one other family member are attending movie night, maybe only buy 2 seats. But you also need to note that once you get a sweet home theater all setup, it may make more family members want to join movie night.

Entertaining Guests

You also need to consider how many guests you’ll have in your home theater! First you need to consider how often you’ll have guests over to watch movies or TV. If having them over is a rare occurrence, maybe you don’t need to buy seats to accommodate them. When they come over you can let them sit in your comfy theater seat and you could bring another chair into the room to sit on. But if guests regularly come over you may want to buy chairs to accommodate them.

You also need to consider how many guests regularly come over. If a whole bunch of guests come over you will need to buy a whole bunch of chairs to accommodate them. You do not want any of your guests to be jealous cause they are not sitting in a super comfortable Oslo from Valencia Theater Seating. So making sure you have enough comfortable seating for everyone is imperative!

Once you consider all these factors you should be able to figure out how many chairs you need, and you can plan the layout of your home theater room!