Maintaining The Leather On Your Theater Seat

You have just purchased a new home theater seat. It is super luxurious and comfy but even chair like Valencia’s Tuscany needs to be taken care of to last forever. The main way to make sure that your chair stays looking slick, is to make sure that you maintain the leather. If the leather on your chair is not maintained it will start to get stiff and crack. This blog post is here to give you some tips on how to maintain your leather so it lasts for decades.

Chair Placement

Where you place your home theater seats is very important. If placed next to a heat source, like a furnace or fireplace, the leather will dry up. Try to avoid placing your leather seats next to heat sources so that the leather does not dry up and start to crack. Placing your seat in a location that receives constant sunlight is also not a good idea. When leather is constantly bombarded by sunlight, it begins to fade. This complete ruins the color of the leather ruining its luxurious look. Thus, it is recommended that you place your chair in a location that does not constantly receive direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Theater Seat

The next thing you need to do to maintain your leather is to clean it. Firstly you want to make sure that you dust your chair every 2 weeks. Try to dust your chair using a clean white cloth. While dusting also make sure to vacuum all the dust out of the crevasses to make sure that dust is not able to build up.

If dirt starts to accumulate on your chair you should try to whip it down with a lightly dampened dampened cloth. Before wiping down, try using the cloth on a small section of leather to see if the leather. You do this in order to see if the leather absorbs the water. If leather absorbs the water, it is not good for the leather. If you find that your leather is absorbing moisture, use a dry cloth to clean the dirt.

Pets and Your Chair

This section only applies if you have pets at home. Pets have the potential to scratch the leather unintentionally when climbing onto chairs to relax.  Thus, if you are a pet owner it is recommended that you should invest in a protective cover. This cover will will protect your chair from scratches, and will prevent your pets fur from building up on it as well.

Leather Conditioner

It is highly recommended that you use a leather conditioner on your leather seat every 6 months. Leather conditioners are a product that is easily absorbed by leather and nourishes all of the leather fibers. This makes the leather retain its natural flexibility, preventing the leather from cracking.

Doing all of these things will make sure that the leather on your Valencia Theater Seat stays in pristine condition.