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Support that adapts to you

Sometimes, our bodies need some extra care. That’s why we have developed the Tuscany chairs with pneumatic lumbar support, so you will always experience the ultimate ergonomics. Lumbar support is vital to maintain your body in perfect shape. Oftentimes we neglect that, not knowing our bodies will resent it down the years. Caring for our lower back will allow our muscles and spine to move easily and free from pain. Daily, small movements and postures will put our back under constant stress. Adequate lumbar support will relieve any stress and stiffness in your legs and feet, improving circulation and mobility.

By definition, Home Theater Rooms are built to be enjoyed for hours on end. But often times, holding the same position for too long can cause fatigue. In extreme cases, it can even cause cramping and pain. This happens because most chairs ergonomics aren’t designed to support your back.

Thinking of your needs, our Premiere line was developed with ergonomics in mind. Our expert team built cushions that adapt to your body, keeping your spine relaxed and avoiding tension. At the same time, our specially designed lumbar support offers the extra push your body needs to reach true relaxation.

The Tuscany offers pneumatic lumbar support, easily customizable to help your back remain in perfect shape while enjoying yourself. The lumbar support cushion on our chairs was designed with you body’s needs in mind: it holds your muscles the right way, allowing you to remain seated as many hours as you like -without taking a toll on your back-.

Every person is different. As our bodies change, so does our needs. Thinking of that, the Tuscany’s lumbar support is easily customizable to fit a wide array of bodies and shapes. Use the pneumatic controls to mold the lumbar support to your needs, providing ultimate relaxation and comfort.

The pneumatic lumbar support is composed by dual density cushions, carefully designed by experts to provide the support your body requires right where you need it.  Engineered in collaboration with chiropractors and ergonomic specialists, the pneumatic lumbar support cushions of the Tuscany chairs were designed to remain comfortable and keeping you relaxed and stress-free for hours on end.