For a while now we have seen people turning their basements into home movie theaters to take their movie watching sessions to the next level. These rooms range from basic couch and screen setups to highly intricate theater room construction and features. Nonetheless, bringing the cinema to your home is fairly common nowadays.

When it comes to the priority aspects of your home movie theater, I think the most important component is the chair. Yes, yes, yes the projector is important too, but think about it, you’re sitting in those chairs for at least two hours. Comfort is a necessity.

At Valencia Theater Seating we engineer our theater chairs with the highest level of quality. We pay close attention to detail in all areas of ergonomics and luxury to produce the ultimate home movie theater experience.

One of our most sought after chairs is the Oslo. This movie theater chair does not only possess a beautiful aesthetic design, but is also constructed with the utmost precision.

As we all know, every body is different. So with that, the Oslo’s interior is fashioned with a very high quality ergonomic foam cushion. This double foam material results in a long lifespan, no matter the body size or weight. Unlike other companies, our chair’s shape and material consistency holds up for years to come.

The adjustable headrest is motorized so that you can customize it to your perfect comfort level. This feature is key in ensuring no neck or shoulder pain throughout your movie watching session.

The chair is also equipped with powered lumbar support to deliver you the ergonomic support your back needs.

The Oslo theater chair has a unique diamond-stitch design and is made with Nappa top grain Italian leather. Why is this unique? No other theater chair company uses this high quality leather. This full grain material ensures your home theater chair is upheld for years to come.

You can find LED ambient lights below the chair and lining the cupholder which gives it an interesting aesthetic glow. If you want to turn the lights off, you can find a button on the control panel and with one tap, they’re turned off.

A few other features include a 5” wall hugging component that allows you to optimize space, along with hide-away storage in the armrest (perfect for storing all of your devices. The control panel is located on the inside of the armrest and is the centre for any of the chair’s functions.

So there you have it, our rundown of the Oslo chair. We implore you to take the dive and invest in quality, luxury and longevity. We know you will not be disappointed and we guarantee your home theater experience will never be the same again!