Home Theater Seating

Wired or Wireless Speakers?

As nice as it is to sit in your comfy Tuscany theater seat from Valencia, no home theater is complete without a good sound system. Music is the heartbeat of any movie, so you need a good sound system to fully experience movies in their full glory. Having a surround system will give you the…


What Are Short Throw Projectors

Most projectors work in a similar manner: You place them away from the screen and let them project the image onto the screen from a distance. These projectors are incredibly effective but they have some draw backs. For example you need to have the space for them to be placed far enough back. The worst…


The Basics Of Projectors

To have a truly immersive immersive home theater experience, you need to have a big screen, which envelopes you in the movie. One of the best ways to get a big screen that performs well is to get a projector and a projector screen. We talked about the basics of projector screens in one of…

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

Beginners Guide To Bass Shakers

Ever been watching a movie in your home theater, and you find yourself getting losing attention? This could potentially be happening because you are not immersive into the film. With a good home cinema setup you will find yourself focused on movies for hours on end. But there are products out there that can make…