Home Theater Seating

Wired or Wireless Speakers?

As nice as it is to sit in your comfy Tuscany theater seat from Valencia, no home theater is complete without a good sound system. Music is the heartbeat of any movie, so you need a good sound system to fully experience movies in their full glory. Having a surround system will give you the…


The Basics Of Projectors

To have a truly immersive immersive home theater experience, you need to have a big screen, which envelopes you in the movie. One of the best ways to get a big screen that performs well is to get a projector and a projector screen. We talked about the basics of projector screens in one of…

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

Beginners Guide To Bass Shakers

Ever been watching a movie in your home theater, and you find yourself getting losing attention? This could potentially be happening because you are not immersive into the film. With a good home cinema setup you will find yourself focused on movies for hours on end. But there are products out there that can make…