What are examples of home theater seat accessories?

Every chair from Valencia Theater Seating comes with an accessory port, but what exactly does the accessory port do? The accessory is able to hold different accessories. These accessories give your new chair functionality, making your movie experience that much more comfortable. There are 3 accessories that you can buy for your chair, all are removable and can be placed in your chair when ever you desire.

Tablet Holder

Not everyone can prefer the same position of the seat while watching the film. So, lumbar support would provide you with the perfect position of your choice. Such an adjustment can surely give a good and luxurious feeling to anyone. It would bring an uncomfortable feeling if the seat cannot provide you with the seating position you desire. But it doesn’t mean that the position provided by default without any lumbar support is just hated by everyone. Because after all, it would be the customer’s choice who may like it or dislike it. But it is recommended to buy the theater seats with lumbar support for a better experience.

Tray Table

Watching a movie while trying to eat dinner can be a struggle. You need to balance your dinner plate on you lap while trying not to spill anything. But with Valencia’s tray table accessory, juggling your dinner is no longer a problem. You can eat anything from popcorn to beef wellington while still being able to enjoy movies. The tray table has a slick carbon fiber finish, and can rotate when placed in the accessory port. If you like to enjoy eating food while watching movies, the tray table is a must buy for your theater seat.

Glass Caddy

Nothing is better than watching a movie with a glass of fine wine. But placing a wine glass in a standard cup holder is not a fun endeavor. The glass feels unstable, and you always feel like it will tip over and spill. But with the glass caddy accessory, drinking wine while watching a movie is no longer a balancing act. The glass caddy attachment holds your wine glass at the bottom of the bowl. This ensures that your wine glass is as balanced as possible preventing any spills from occurring.

Ultimately, getting accessories for your chair makes everything much more convenient and helps increase your comfort while enjoying a wonderful movie.