Why Home Theaters Are Still All the Rage After COVID

We saw a real boom in home theater room projects when 2020 got real and we were all stuck in our homes for months upon months. It’s the perfect solution to lockdown: streaming all your favorite shows and chilling out in a space in your home that’s not your home office or the living room. It was hard not to go stir-crazy; any separate spaces were appreciated. 

Well, it’s been a minute, and we’re allowed outside again. So is there still a space for the home theater room? Do we need it? Or will it just become a relic of a bunker from that one time the whole world got sick?

Spoiler Alert: Americans still love a good movie room, COVID or not.

6 Reasons We’re Still Building Home Theaters Even With Movie Theaters Reopened

Restrictions have lifted, and more people have been enjoying their evenings at the movie theater again. This may lead people to believe that the popularity of home theaters should be on the decline. But what has been the real impact on the home theater industry of movie theaters reopening post-lockdown?

Though most of us would assume people have rushed to the movies, in actuality, 62% of Americans don’t have the desire to go to the cinema, as determined by Morning Consult Poll. The reasons aren’t strictly health-related either. Just 36% of Americans are still worried about the risk of catching COVID-19 in movie theaters.

Ticket prices and limited films shown are now the major deterrents to movie theater visits, especially as big media companies are releasing movies on streaming platforms and in theaters at the same time. And after becoming so accustomed to the comfort of our own homes, it is unsurprising that 55% of the population also now prefers to watch movies at home. Why leave your house to spend a bunch of money to sit in uncomfortable rows of theater chairs on a sticky carpet when you could see the same movie at home, huge screen, multimedia recliners, awesome audiovisual system and all, without the sticky carpet and crowds.

This isn’t good news for the movie theater industry, but it’s great news for the home theater industry.

Why Netflix-and-Chill Finally Beat out Dinner-and-a-Movie

The popularity of home theaters has increased even as the world has reopened. Before the pandemic, it was determined by Grand View Research that 40% of all homes in the USA had a home theater system and/or dedicated home theater room. In 2020, the industry’s worth was $2.75 billion. In comparison, this year the market is predicted to be worth $3.57 billion, and to grow to $4.03 billion by 2026. Americans are clearly enamored with home theaters, pandemic or not. If you’ve recently been considering setting up your own home theater, you aren’t alone. So what are some reasons you should do it? We’ve got you covered:


1. Control, Control, Control.

There’s nothing worse than spending $15 to see a movie you end up disliking, or having no interest in the films playing at the theater to begin with. Save money and your own time by having complete control over the films you watch, whether that means turning on your favorite flick that you’ve seen 1000 times or turning off that “blockbuster” that in actuality is awful. On top of this, home theaters give you a movie theater experience every night of the week with movies that actually interest you. The days of waiting months for a movie that intrigues you to come out are gone. 

2. Home Theater Rooms are a Luxury Everyone Deserves.

A recent study by OnePoll found that 55% of Americans watch TV to unwind at the end of the day. It is unsurprising then that Americans also spend around 3 hours daily watching live TV, streaming services, or sports games. So why not make the most of this time? Home theaters give you high-end sound quality, capture every pixel of an image, offer incredible comfort, and are a luxury everyone deserves. 

Aside from giving you a high-quality experience every time, home theaters add to your personal image and make your home stand out, especially if you are willing to spend more on high-end theater seating. And if you’ve ever dreamt of your home being the central meeting place for all your friends and family, a home theater is definitely a feature that will have them knocking on your door. A Home Theater is always the envy of all!

  1. Streaming Services Let You in on the Newest Releases at Home.

With movie theaters, a lot of time is spent waiting for big releases to come out. Then, once the movie is out, you have to wait a couple of more days so you aren’t jammed into a packed theater, breaking your neck in the second row so you can actually see the movie. The good news is that many major releases happen on streaming platforms these days. There’s no competition for movie tickets or optimal seating, when you can watch these films from the comfort of your own home. A prestigious home theater is the best way to add to the “premiere” experience.

  1. You Have Constant Access to Movies, Gaming, & the Big Game.

The best part of home theaters is that they aren’t just a luxury for movie aficionados. Sports lovers and gamers alike can enhance their experiences with a home theater. Home theaters are a versatile spaces where you can enjoy Super Bowl parties, gaming with friends, or have family movie nights. Big picture visuals are sure to enhance any of these digital viewing experiences.

  1. Private Movie Theaters are a Personalized Space.

Home theaters are a great opportunity to show your creativity. Unlike other rooms in a home that somewhat follow a similar decor theme, a home theater’s cinematic and entertainment use makes it a fun space to showcase your coolest design ideas and interests. For a little inspiration, check out our article about home theater themes. Round out your space with Valencia’s Theater Seating and elevate your home theater’s luxuriousness and personalization.

  1. Building a Home Theater Room Increases Your Property Value.

The most practical reason to install a home theater is that it will increase your property value. In almost 80% of luxury homes these days, there is a home theater, making home theaters not just a want, but an expectation. It is also important to consider whether buyers in your neighborhood look for this feature, as this will up your home’s value even more. And one last pro tip, if you want to increase your theater’s value even more, include risers. Learn more about how home theater rooms affect home value at ProjectorScreen.com.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on planning a home theater and join the luxury home movement sweeping the nation! Looking for inspiration? Check out this comprehensive guide by the home theater seating pros at Valencia.