Beyond the Big Screen: Unexpected Uses for Home Theater Seating

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Warm Up to Movie Night: The Cozy Appeal of Heated Home Theater Seats

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Space-Saving Seating Ideas for Small Basement Theaters

Basements are the tried and true, go-to rooms for home theaters. They usually make the perfect area for home theaters because they’re naturally dark and shut off from the light outside, plus you’re not getting sound interference from anywhere else in the house when you’re underground. With a little acoustic work and soundproofing, that basement … Read more

5 Top Ways to Get Crafty When DIYing a Home Theater 

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A Timeless Classic: 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Leather Seating

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The Little-Known, Very Versatile World of Basement Movie Rooms

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8 Trends in Home Theater Design

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Holiday Horror, Action & Fantasy Movies? Are You Sure?

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Create the Perfect Home Theater Room with this Essential Checklist

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Creating the Right Acoustics in Your Home Theater Room

Perfecting the acoustics is one home theater detail you don’t want to skip over. When you picked the audio equipment for your home theater, you chose something with full-spectrum sound and speakers that produce amazing sound saturation. You’re ready to sink back into your entertainment chair equipped with heavy-hitting bass shakers and feel the surround … Read more