The Most Memorable Moment of Oscars 2022 had Nothing to Do with Movies

We all know Chris Rock likes to push the limits when it comes to his comedy, so it’s safe to say stars really should have come to the Oscars prepared to get roasted by one of the best in the roasting business, since Chris was the emcee. But Will Smith must have missed the memo, because he was so upset by a joke Rock told about Smith’s wife that he walked up on stage and hit him in the face.

No, really.

And it didn’t stop there. Will returned to his seat and yelled some choice words at Rock before allowing the ceremony to move on. Things were awkward, and they got even more awkward when Will then won the Best Actor award.You can watch the altercation here (video includes explicit language). In fairness, Smith did apologize later in his acceptance speech… kind of. But Chris Rock stayed classy start to finish, from taking the abuse like a champ in the moment, to declining to file a police report about the incident with LAPD.