10 Clever, Standout Home Theater Themes

Like any room, a home theater should follow basic interior design principles, like a color scheme to create unity and visual effectiveness. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Home theater rooms don’t have to be bland; they are a great opportunity to express your personality, be clever, and standout from the rest! From theater rooms paying tribute to video games, to old Hollywood aesthetics, here are 10 clever, standout home theater theme ideas to immerse and wow your guests.

1. The Name's Bond


Sleek and fit for a spy, following an ultra-modern theme with clean lines will create an air of prestige and class in any home theater space. Take notes from 007 himself, grab a glass of whiskey, and recline in an opulent minimalist space while you enjoy your favorite action movies.

In this home theater, two tone leather recliners tie the cinema’s design together, by coordinating with the lines and colors of the space’s décor. This is a home theater room perfect for any spy movie fan. Shop our Bern series and unwind like a secret agent every night of the week. 

2. Wild, Wild West


Cowboys, horses, ranches, and tumbleweeds. If you are drawn to the scenes of the Midwest and its history, a Wild, Wild West home theater theme might be right for you. Rustic in all the right ways, enjoy your favorite Clint Eastwood and John Wayne throwbacks with wood accents, fur throws, and warm brown theater seating. 

Best yet, this is one theme where you can go all-out on brown leather furniture, and it won’t look dated, but on-the-nose in a good way. Check out Valencia’s Tuscany XL model in the color Russet Brown, and relax in a recliner fit for cowboy, even if you are wanted, dead or alive.

3. Hollywood's Golden Era


Take a trip back in time to the prime of Hollywood: The Golden Era. Enjoy the richness of red and gold tones, reflecting the retro elegance of Hollywood’s original cinematic experience. Your guests will be wowed as you transport them back to the most magical era in movie history. 

Vintage themes like this one create the perfect setting for fabric home theater seating, especially velour recliners. Dark red rows of velour cinema chairs make any theater space look and feel opulent. So finish your old Hollywood space with the luxurious comfort of Valencia’s Verona in red velour, and watch all of the most highly regarded films of The Golden Era.

4. Starry, Starry Night


Rewatch your favorite movies under a clear night sky, with starlight lighting. Even if you don’t want to go all-out with a home theater theme, a starlight ceiling is a clever way to make your theater space feel bigger, while reflecting the magic and immersiveness of movies and shows.

Starlight ceilings are also great for sci-fi buffs, or those who just want to unwind to music in a comfy leather media chair in an ambient space. To best reflect and capture the light of this captivating feature, check out Valencia’s Oslo model in Midnight Black.

5. Art Deco Revival

Paying tribute to the era when moving pictures gained popularity, an Art Deco home theater stands out with its geometric lines, bold aesthetics, and recognizable architectural elements. From silent films to the “talkies”, this era of design and film revolutionized the theatrical arts industry and was the beginning of the multi-million dollar movie industry that we know today. 

A home theater with a standout 20s style filled with luxury leather movie chairs makes an unexpected vintage, yet modern statement. To further modernize your home theater incorporate chrome accents instead of gold! The architectural flair of an Art Deco theme is iconic and timeless, and should feature theater seating with the sleek lines and a smooth texture like Valencia’s Syracuse.

6. Sanctuary of a Gamer

Your home theater space doesn’t have to be limited to movie viewing, because let’s face it, that big, beautiful screen is optimal for gaming too! A home theater can also be known as a multimedia room for good reason.

Following a Gamer Theme can make the space feel more personalized, with all of your favorite digital hobbies and video game characters honored in one room. Throw in some vintage arcade games like PacMan to give your home theater that true digital feel, and check out @gameroomtheater’s Instagram and YouTube accounts for inspiration. 

One staple design element of gaming and even racing, is two tone leather seating. Red and black leather seats fit a variety of gaming themes. And when it comes to the actual theater seating model, you should keep Valencia’s Tuscany Ultimate Luxury in mind.

7. A Super-Movie-Fan's Dream


Consider honoring your all-time favorite movie with a home theater theme that immerses you in the film’s environment. Seen here, this homeowner has turned their home theater into a standout Star Wars fan’s dream. And you can do the same with your favorite flick!

Imagine lounging in the Bat Cave, or sitting in the pilot’s seat of Top Gun’s F-14A Tomcat. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a cleverly themed home theater that reflects the movie world you have always wanted to visit! The great thing about a home theater room tailored to your movie obsession is that it’s uniquely yours – and you can make it even more personalized with custom leather or fabric theater seating. Whatever the film, you deserve customized Valencia Theater Seating that best fits your movie-specific theme.

8. Send in the Athletes

Home theaters are for the sports fans as much as the gaming and movie lovers. That means that a home theater is truly an opportunity to create a man cave with a theme best suited to your favorite sport or sports team!

And here at Valencia, we believe sports fans deserve to watch all games on a big screen! Supercharge your Sunday game experience with colored leather media recliners with contrast piping. Bonus points if you match the colors of your seats to your favorite pro sports team’s colors! Decorate your home theater with sports memorabilia and catch the latest matches as you kick back in Valencia’s luxurious Tuscany.

9. A Walk Down Movie Lover's Lane


Honor the best movies of all time by decorating your home theater in classic cinema fashion: featuring iconic movie posters from throughout the decades. This home theater theme will reinforce to your guests that you really know your film history, create a dynamic energy in the room, and show off your personality by displaying your personal favorite, time-honored films. 

To match and accentuate the bright colors of classic motion-picture posters, Valencia’s Venice in a classic red leather, or even grey leather seating with bright yellow piping will make the space pop!

10. A Night at the Opera


Finally, if you are working with a space that has higher ceilings, consider a grand, operatic home theater theme for your space to mimic the timelessness of classic theaters. Rich in architectural design, this home theater theme stands out time and time again. If you enjoy intricate details, rich texture, and/or the detail-orientation of classic live theaters in general, this theme is meant for you! 

For ideas on design, draw some inspiration from of the most beautiful live theaters in the world, and complete your theater with Valencia’s Moulin Rouge Recliner to tie the details, history, and class of this home theater theme together. Elevated rows of velour cinema chairs will add to the magic of this standout cinema theme!