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A Complete Guide To Buying Home Theater Seating

A Complete Guide to Buying Home Theater Seating Intro: Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself when Planning a DIY Home Theater So you’re creating a dedicated media room to give your home a whole new vibe. Exciting! But you’ve got planning to do and questions to answer before the power tools come out.  Will your home … Read more

Space-Saving Seating Ideas for Small Basement Theaters

Basements are the tried and true, go-to rooms for home theaters. They usually make the perfect area for home theaters because they’re naturally dark and shut off from the light outside, plus you’re not getting sound interference from anywhere else in the house when you’re underground. With a little acoustic work and soundproofing, that basement … Read more

5 Top Ways to Get Crafty When DIYing a Home Theater 

So, you’re looking to get crafty and build a DIY home theater for the new year. But there’s the cost aspect—home theaters with their sleek leather theater room recliners, intricate sound system setup, and other décor and materials, can quickly add up and be quite the investment once everything is priced out. Thankfully, it doesn’t … Read more

A Crash Guide in Getting Your Theater Room Seating Arranged and Set Up

You’ve purchased yourself some brand new media room chairs that exude luxury for your home theater project, and you’ve even got them set up and assembled with our handy how-to guide. Great!  Now comes the fun part of actually placing your chairs and getting them situated appropriately with your home theater. But were you going … Read more


Our BEST Home Theater Transformations!

HOME THEATERBEFORE & AFTER! Scroll to see the renovation transformation of our BEST customer home theaters!! SHOP TUSCANY ULTIMATE LUXURY 00Days 00Hours 00Minutes 00Seconds WIN The Tuscany Ultimate Luxury Seat!! ENTER GIVEAWAY! SHOP TUSCANY SHOP OXFORD Follow Michael Mansell for more interesting shed transformations! ManShed


10 Valencia Theater Seating Styles & What Your Favorite Says About You

Match Your Personality to a Valencia Theater Seat – because why not! These days, there is a personality quiz for everything. Whether it’s your favorite color, food, film genre, or preferred season, it all means something about you. Personal style and interior design are perhaps some of the more accurate depictions of what reflects your … Read more

The Ultimate Home Theater Seat

RARE ITALIAN LEATHER SEMI-ANILINE NAPPA LEATHER 20000 100% draped in Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000, the smooth buttery matte finish is unwavering in its perfection and luxe appeal. Originating from true authentic Italian leather tanning, Valencia’s Semi-Aniline Nappa leather is handcrafted using century old practices. PERFORATED FRENCH DIAMOND STITCHING Exceptionally crafted to enhance your home’s … Read more

We Custom-Matched Supercar Blondie’s Rolls Royce!

See custom theater seating like never before! Color, tech features, customized embroidery, and more! Brisbane native Alex Hirschi had a penchant for luxury cars from a young age.  After graduating Queensland University with a degree in Journalism, Alex packed her bags and headed for Dubai. There she would land a 9-year gig as a Dubai … Read more

Putting Together a Home Theater on a Budget

We get it—theater rooms are a great addition to the home, but they can be expensive to fully furnish. From premium leather home theater chairs that recline and all the equipment and accessories for your new media room, it can take a large chunk of cash out of the bank to get things set up … Read more

Our Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bass Shakers

Out of all of the accessories you can get for your media room, bass shakers are one of the more entertaining options. At their core, bass shakers are transducers that attach to your home theater seats and deliver a rumblingly-good tactile experience whenever there’s a large amount of bass on-screen—whether you’re watching a movie or … Read more