Valencia Theater Seating Interviews Game Room Theater

The audio-visual world is a vast universe that has many components and elements. It can be a lot to take in, a lot to understand, and a lot of fun. More and more, people are creating theater-like spaces in a lot of places other than the cinema. From basement home theaters, to multi-use home gaming rooms, to theater seating in churches, creating a home theater or arcade-style space is becoming popular in private settings across the country. 

So where do our chairs come into play? 

Obviously the audio visual realm aligns well with our product, but there are destinations other than home movie theaters that Valencia Home Theater Seating’s media room furniture is perfect for, like gaming rooms. Gamers take their play seriously, and often spend hours at a time sat in front of a screen. They need the same thing avid movie-watchers do: luxury theater-style seating. Recliners with powered headrests and lumbar support. Chairs with cup holders and tray tables. Typical computer chairs typically don’t cut it.

Enter influencer Game Room Theater. A staple in the world of home theater and game room swag, this influencer has the ultimate setup in his basement. Curious as to what makes up this stacked game room? Here’s a list:

Putting green

Popcorn machine

3 old-school arcade gaming systems

Ping pong table

Foosball table

Slot machine

Movie posters – both prints and digital

Flatscreen TV

Oversized projector screen

Custom red Valencia Tuscany theater seats

We sat down with Game Room Theater to ask him about this unreal basement setup and to get a little feel for how this phenomenon came to be. This Q&A will let you in on what it takes to construct your ultimate game or theater room.

VTS (Valencia Theater Seating): Can you provide a little background on what first got you interested in home theaters?

GRT (Game Room Theater): My father was a big fan and had a multi deck system from Sansui. He was very fond of music and I would spend time listening with him. As a kid I would play with the equalizer to and look for better quality tapes and recordings to get the most out of the system. 

VTS: Which home theater feature in your space is your favourite?

GRT: My red Valencia Tuscany seats. 

VTS: Do you have any plans on expanding, or adding any features to your game room?

GRT: As I spend a lot of time planning the layout, I am at capacity at the moment, and would need to remove something to add something else. I find it perfect at the moment without being overly busy with clutter.  I do want to finish another accent wall with wainscoting. We also plan to finish the home gym and integrate into the game room with glass windows. This will be an extensive project to be completed later in the year.

VTS: What do you like most about our theater chairs?

GRT: Every time I, or anyone who is over opens the door to my blacked out theater, they are treated by the eye catching seats that almost take your breath away. They create the perfect contrast to an otherwise colourless room and add the right touch of luxury.

VTS: What would you tell others who are interested in starting a game room?

GRT: Start slow, don’t rush to fill your game room. Find things that you and your family and friends will enjoy playing and items that will look aesthetically pleasing. Try your hand in DIY projects, which help open up the budget to be spent on other items. Give a lot of thought to ambiance and placement, you want the place to feel inviting, especially if it is a basement.  

VTS: What is your favourite movie?

GRT: I love sci fi and my favorite movie is still Contact, however a tie for second are Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, as well as Back to the Future.