Professional Athlete Home Theaters

Professional athletes are some of the highest paid people in the world. Tom Brady’s net worth sits at a whopping $250 million. Think that’s wild? Michael Jordan has hit the Billionaire Club with a net worth of $2.2 billion. These and other professional athletes are known for not just one steady stream of income, but also receive big paydays from endorsements, cameos in Blockbuster movies, and simply making paid appearances at special events. Needless to say, athletes are raking it in. Lavish homes seem to be the name of the game for these high rollers, and with that comes the inclusion of luxurious home theater rooms.

Even if us common folks won’t ever be throwing down millions for our abodes, it is quite entertaining vicariously virtually touring these one-of-a-kind estates. Here are 6 professional athlete’s home theaters that stuck out to us … although they are missing one key element: Valencia Theater Seating.

LeBron James

The King has quite the throne. This sleek and swanky home theater is fairly lowkey and monochromatic, but we all know that unique bar top is worth big bucks. He chose to mix theater risers with home theater couches and that fantastic bar at the back of the room. This cinema is perfect for date night or post-COVID gatherings. Ah, to dream …

Tom Brady

I don’t know about you, but Tom Brady’s home theater gives me major futuristic vibes. His choice of media room furniture manages to be super simple yet eye-catching. Not to mention that mixing those uber-modern reclining chairs with that cozy home theater sofa on the back riser is a stylish choice. Some may say it’s borderline boring, but if you’re a minimalist, this is a home cinema for you (if you have an extra $300k sitting around).

Floyd Wayweather

Another simplistic setup is Floyd Mayweather’s home cinema. This boxer’s screen takes up the entire wall! Thankfully, his room is long and narrow, making it perfect for those stair-step home theater riser platforms that provide the ultimate viewing experience for everyone in the room.


If you go by one name, I think it’s known you’ll have a lavish home. Shaq kept the design old-school with the standard looking cinema, popcorn machine included. Even his recliner game screams old-school home theatre. Fabric theater seating might be a little underrated… looks pretty comfy to me.

Barry Bonds

As one of the most talented baseball players of all time, Mr. Bonds’ home is stunning. Stacked with matching theater chairs, the room has an Italy-vibe… Hmmm, he should have gone through us to get that authentic Italian Nappa Leather. I wonder what Barry would think of our Tuscany home theater chairs.

Michael Jordan

Arguably the most famous athlete of all time, Jordan has his iconic figure customized to the ceiling.

Imagine being at that level.

I can’t.

This room gives me a swanky Back to the Future feel and I like it! Neons mixed with black leather bring us back to the ‘80s in this celebrity athlete’s home.