SURPRISE! Valencia Theater Seating is Sustainable.

Discover how Theater Seating became a Sustainable Business

Sustainability is a term that has become widely known, understood and used mainly for the improvement of our planet. Having carbon-neutral operations, renewable energy and sustainable goods is something that has become critical to the consumer supply chain in recent decades. Valencia Theater Seating has been investigating eco-friendly and carbon-neutral opportunities that are available to us and our production lines since the early 2000’s. 

In 2005, We began experimenting with owning and operating our own wind turbines and green energy fields to produce up to 15kW of power to our factories. This development led to the interest and introduction of solar power to the roofs of our larger buildings, resulting in a 50kW power production making up 15% of the power used by Valencia Theater Seating renewable energy. 

In the United States, non-renewable resources used for consuming energy in factories takes up about 77% of the total amount of energy used. With fossil fuels and non-renewable resources having lasting and irreversible effects on our atmosphere, climate and food resources; Valencia saw it imperative to tackle our consumption of energy and resources first.

By 2010 Valencia was beginning to do research in receiving lumbar for our products from ethical sources around the globe. Eventually, the journey led us to partner with privately held, sustainable growth lumbar forests throughout North America. At this same time, with our growing interest and investments into the energy sectors and renewable resources; we combined our wind and solar to create an accumulative 150kW of total sustainable energy across our factory and production lines. 


With oil pipelines and the extraction and transportation of sludge causing up to three times more global warming pollution than any other practice, we believed it was important to bring our energy consumption as close to home as possible with our own energy fields and production lines. 


This fueled our final decisions to install our 670kWh lithium ion battery in September of 2015 for power storage and to increase our renewable powers efficiency allowing our factories to operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We then boosted that with an additional 150kW of wind and solar to bring an accumulative 365kW of renewable energy to cover 80% of Valencia’s production power and daily energy consumption by 2018. 

After major milestones and efforts made to make our production practices safer and  more sustainable for both the current and future generations of our planet, Valencia Theater Seating is pleased to call ourselves sustainable and renewable. 


Follow us for more information on our company’s background, history and practices to make what our valued customers are calling the BEST in home theater seating. 


Our Commitment to Sustainability Includes Home Theater Recliners Crafted with Vegan Leather

We’re also proud to offer an entire line of entertainment room seating that’s upholstered with vegan leather that still looks and feels like the real deal. We understand that many of our customers are eco-conscious and need an alternative option when it comes to outfitting their home theaters in high-end media room furniture, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer a product that helps mitigate the environmental effects of animal agriculture and leather production.


When it comes to the environment and sustainability, some people—regardless of whether they’re vegan or not—prefer to not invest in new leather products simply because of the fact that the tanning process contributes to climate change. Leather production, like most other forms of manufacturing, uses a lot of energy, and that energy contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. To raise livestock for leather, you need land and water use, which leads to deforestation to clear out fields for cattle, plus there are the gas emissions from the production of the material. Ultimately, the current production method leaves a lot to be desired, and there’s room for improvement to continue “greenifying” the process.


When you’re purchasing those leather media room recliners to fill your home theater with, do your research and look into the company offering the product. What are their personal commitments to sustainability? What practices do they implement to help counteract their role in climate change? As we head into the future, we’ll hopefully see more companies follow suit and start to put more of a focus on energy conservation and lowering their personal emissions from production methods. 


In the meantime, our non-leather reclining entertainment room seats offer our customers an eco-friendly alternative that feels just as luxurious as any of our other products and can give you one of the most comfortable movie nights you’ve ever had. And if you start to look at leather media room chaise lounges or entertainment room sofas upholstered in our nappa Italian leather, our factory runs on 80% renewable energy, meaning that just by choosing a reputable company, you’re already doing your part in helping the environment. Every dollar you spend is a vote for something, and we believe in a sustainable future where companies are held to standards to do their part in combating climate change.