Step inside the Paris Audio Visual Show with us and the EastPorters crew!

Step inside the Paris Audio Visual Show with us and the EastPorters crew!

That’s right! This past week at Valencia Theater Seating we had the absolute pleasure and joy of sponsoring our friends, EastPorters Audio Video, on their trip to the Paris Audio Video Show 2022 to find out what audio equipment is topping the markets right now!

This is the biggest audio video show in Europe and the EastPorters crew got together to go film some of the most amazing, sought after and luxurious brands in the audio/visual entertainment industry. 

Click the link to watch us explore Paris and interview brands like Focal, Keff, Dan D’agostino and Lotus.  

During our time, we got to sit down with Mègane from Focal and learn all about the new Flax speakers they released that emit a dynamic, natural and smooth sound for living and listening rooms alike. These speakers are perfect for those looking for a showpiece quality audio experience without the astronomical price point. 

Following Focal, The President of Dan D’Agostino walked us through the engineering and design of their Momentum series and how their patented single channel amplifiers have earned their spot as #1 amplifier for home theater rooms, sound studios and audioholics alike! Also get a close up look at their elite copper detailing and design where professional sealant is used to prevent the oxidation of their product.

Finally, we got to experience the smooth, stabilizing and completely solid encasing of the Keff Blade series with Ronn. The Blade series uses 2 drive units back-to-back on the sides of its body to cancel out any excessive vibrations that may be caused by extreme bass in your music. Allowing the listener to receive the crispest, clearest and most undisturbed sound. 

There is so much more to experience! We don’t want to give it all away. Click the link to watch our video and subscribe to the EastPorters channel to make sure you do not miss part 2 and more of our collaborations together!