Combining Ergonomics and Home Theater Seating

Picture this: you are in the middle of bingeing your favorite movie series in you home theater. You stand up and your back and neck hurts! Why did this happen? Because your theater seat is not ergonomic! It may be comfy but it does not support your back and your neck. At Valencia Theater Seating we ensure that our chairs are both incredibly comfortable and incredibly ergonomic.

High Resiliency Foam

There are a lot of different foams used for cushions, but one of the best type of foams is High Resiliency Foam (HR Foam). All of our chairs are made HR foam in order to make sure that your body is supported as much as possible. But what makes HR foam so special? It is the highest grade of polyurethane foam and weighs 2.5 lbs or more per cubic foot. This means that it is able to contour to your body incredibly well. It is structured in such a way that it is extremely elastic while still being incredibly supportive.

The foam also maintains its elasticity, which means it is incredibly durable. HR foam will continue to be orthopedic for a long time, while other foams would become less elastic over time and would lose their orthopedic benefits. HR foam provides you with ergonomic comfort, and it lasts a long time which is why it is in all of our chairs.

Mechanical Lumbar Support

All of our Premier series come with mechanical lumbar support. We have talked bout the importance of lumbar support in our previous blog post. Check it out here!

Specially Shaped Cushions

Not all of our chairs have built in mechanical lumbar support, but this does not mean they do not support your lumbar! Our cushions have been shaped in a particular way to ensure that your lumbar is still supported. For example, the Venice from Valencia Theater Seating has no mechanical lumbar support. It has specially curved cushions that follow the curve of your spine. Even though it is not mechanical, it still will support your back and ensure you have an enjoyable movie viewing experience. On top of this, the cushioning on the headrest is meant to support you neck as well! Every cushion on our chairs have been shaped in a way to max to maximize comfort while still being ergonomic.

When you get a chair from Valencia Theater Seating, you can be sure that it will provide you with comfort while still being ergonomic!