Wired or Wireless Speakers?

As nice as it is to sit in your comfy Tuscany theater seat from Valencia, no home theater is complete without a good sound system. Music is the heartbeat of any movie, so you need a good sound system to fully experience movies in their full glory. Having a surround system will give you the ultimate sound experience. Surround sound systems in involved alot of speakers, thus there is potential for wires to become an issues when setting the speakers up.  But as more an more technologies are being able to connect to the internet or Bluetooth, more and more wireless speakers are appearing. So the question when setting up your speakers is: wired or wireless? This blog post is here to break down the pros and cons of both.

Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are the new technology on the block, they use either Bluetooth or the internet as opposed to wires. But what are the pros and cons when compared to wired speakers?


Since wireless speakers have no wires, they do not need to all be connected to a central unit. Because of this you are able to save some space and make your setup less invasive. Their lack of wires also makes them incredibly easy to remove. Lets say you want to move your home theater setup from the living room yo your basement, all you need to do is move the speakers. You don’t need to plug in a crazy amount of wires. The lack of wires also means that the risk of some tripping on wires is greatly reduced when compared to wired speakers. The biggest pro of these speakers is that they are well wireless! The less wires, the easier and safer your system is.


The biggest con that comes with wireless speakers is price. They are a new technology so they are substantially more expensive when compared to wired speakers. To get the same sound quality as a wired speaker, you would need to pay a lot more. Some wireless speakers are also not completely wireless, they require a wire to be plugged in to actually be powered up. So they are not completely wireless.

Wired Speakers

Wired speakers may not be the new technology on the block, but they are still amazing. They are able to do a lot for a cheaper price. The pros and cons of wired speakers are:


The biggest pro when it comes to wired speakers is that they are dependable. If there is a WiFi outage, or signal interference in your home theater, you wireless speakers can potentially cut our. This will never happen with wired speakers. When compared to wireless speakers, you can get a much higher quality sound with wired speakers at a much lower price tag.


The biggest con with wired speakers is….the wires! There are so many wires that need to be connected and it can get overwhelming. Also finding a safe place to store these wires is another issue. If your wires are in the wrong place someone could potentially trip. You are also limited to where you can place these speakers because they are wired

The Conclusion?

In conclusion, it is all about you’re preference! If you prefer to have speakers that you can easily set up and move around it would be best to pick wireless speakers. If you want higher audio quality and have places to properly store you’re wires, wired speakers are the way to go.