Brown Leather Entertainment Room Furniture: Dated or Retro?

When many of us think about brown theater seats, media room furniture or entertainment room couches, we’re imagining that cushy, pillowy, gathered-at-the-seams shiny leather you find in dens that haven’t been updated since the 70’s. It’s 2021, so when you’re building a DIY home theater, you’re likely not thinking 70’s… at least not in that way. But we think brown theater seating has gotten a bad rap. Brown theater seats can bring a really warm, cozy vibe to your media room, and you don’t have to sacrifice style to do it. Those worn out old brown leather recliners in your dad’s man cave? Dated. But some souped-up, custom designed, high-tech brown theater seats? Retro. Or even modern, maybe. But how?

Ideas for Making Your Home Theater Seating Cozy without Sacrificing Style

There’s a reason brown leather furniture was a living room and media room staple for so long. It’s warm, it’s durable, it’s comfy. But no one is purposefully putting wood paneling up anymore, and no one’s saving those nasty bright orange shag carpets. So how do we keep the warmth of brown leather theater seating without the vibe of times-gone-by?

  • The Zurich Home Theater Recliner: It’s literally impossible to date this design, no matter what kind of brown theater seating we’re talking about. The super simple, sleek lines and modern features like powered headrests and LED underfoot lighting make the choice of brown leather on the Zurich the perfect marriage of modern and warmth.
  • Oslo Modern Home Theater Seating: The Oslo Modern’s lines are clean and inviting, making brown the perfect complement to an already comfy-looking home theater seat. Brown Oslo theater seats are perfect for a home theater with a bohemian vibe, or for man cave seating that is a play on that old den/game room vibe.

So, you see, brown theater seating isn’t out of the question just because the 70’s was 50 years ago. It just takes a little creativity. And opening up your color options when considering home theater furniture ideas might take you into a totally new headspace and a super-cool, super-unique DIY home theater!