Is a Home Theater Sectional Right for Your Media Room?

When designing a DIY media room, a huge part of that is the furniture you choose. And when you decide to stick with brick-and-mortar retailers, you limit the scope of ideas for your home theater furniture. You can definitely find entertainment room couches with features like cup holders and individually reclining seats, but what if they don’t have all the features you want for your home theater seating? What if they’re microfiber but you want leather? Getting a couch for your entertainment room from a big-box retailer comes with a lot of limitations. Also, it’s nearly 2022 and we’re two years into a pandemic – you can get literally anything custom-made online now. Theood news is that media room furniture is no exception. And an idea you might not have thought of for your home theater’s furniture? A home theater sectional.

Home Theater Sectionals do Double Duty

What’s a home theater sectional? A blinged-out entertainment room couch. You’ve got full-on leather, powered reclining seats, LED-lit cup holders, powered headrests, maybe a dropdown console – home theater sectionals be fancy. You can get about 6 home theater seats in one giant couch instead of two rows of 3 seat separate movie theater recliners. It’s a great way to get that come-together, family vibe with all the luxury of true home theater furniture.

If your media room is a dedicated home theater, a sectional is still a great idea, especially if you have room for a row of theater recliners with an elevated back platform you can set the theater-style sectional on. It gives your guests, or your kids and pets, choices of sitting in a theater chair or sprawling out on an entertainment room-style sectional couch. But the cool thing about home theater sectionals is, even if your media room isn’t a dedicated theater – maybe there’s a pool table, a wet bar, maybe it’s also your main family space – you get all the function of living room furniture with all the bells and whistles of true home theater seating.

Features of Great Home Theater Seating

So, what are the advantages of tracking down an online home theater seating manufacturer for this media room sectional idea? In short,

  • You get a choice of configuration for your theater sectional,
  • You can add or drop features like drop-down consoles, underfoot lighting, bass shakers, etc.,
  • There are a bunch of color choices if you want leather for your sectional,
  • You have the choice of doing fabric home theater seating, which is especially great if your media room is also your family room,
  • You can choose from tons of different models of home theater seats to match the aesthetic of your media room,
  • There are no visits to a store and finding a way to haul a giant entertainment room couch home – the theater sectional shows up at your door, ready to assemble,
  • And, obviously, there’s the whole, you-don’t-have-to-leave-the-house part, which, let’s be honest, we love.

So, basically, if you’ve got the room and you’re not considering a theater-style sectional when brainstorming ideas for your home theater, you might be missing out on some seriously luxury features. Don’t get us wrong, entertainment room couches are great, and they have their applications. But if you’re going all out on your DIY home theater project, you should go all out on the furniture you choose for it.