How to Use Our 3D Customizer to Design the Perfect Home Theater Seats


When creating your home theater, you want it to fit the feel of your house. This means that the look and layout of the seating in the cinema room needs to fit the color and the aesthetic of all the elements around it. With Valencia Theater Seating’s online customizer, you can customize all aspects of your chair and view it in 2D or even in 3D! Using our 3D Build feature is super simple (and, not to mention, fun!).

Follow along for a quick tutorial on how to navigate the online customizer so you can create a home theater chair that fits the unique feel of your room:

Navigating to the 3D Seat Customizer Feature

To get to the customizer, go to Valencia Theater Seating’s home page. From the home page click the “Online Store” button to take you to the online store. Once you are at the online store page you should be able to see the “Build Your Own” button at the top of the page, just right of center. Click this button, and it will take you to a grid-style gallery of our many luxury home theater seating models. Select the model you want to customize, and you’ll be taken to the customizer, where you can start visualizing the design and layout of your home theater seating – literally.

Choosing the Primary Material for Your Movie Chairs

There are 3 different materials that you can chose for your new home theater chair. Each material has its own unique look and feel, so pick whichever material you think will fit the look of your home theater. The three most common materials our clients choose are:

  • Nappa Leather
    • Nappa leather is a high-quality type of leather that is typically used inside luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz. Nappa leather is both smooth and soft, lending a slick look while also providing you with maximum comfort.
  • Velour Fabric
    • Velour is a plush velvet-like fabric that has a lot of very fine soft fibers. Velour is known for its super soft finish that follows the stroke of your hand.
  • Italian Leather
    • Italian leather is some of the highest quality leather available. This leather is fully processed and tanned in Milan. This leather is completely genuine in its texture and color, it is not dyed or imprinted with any grain textures.

We have other non-leather options like vegan leather and fabric home theater seating as well, like very trendy microfiber theater seating. Leather is great, and Valencia’s leather options are unmatched in quality and authenticity, but we get that not every family’s media room furniture is safe from rowdy kids or clumsy pets.


Do you Want One or Two-Tone Leather or Fabric Theater Seats?


On top of being able to pick the material for your home theater chair, you are also able to choose the color of the material. We offer both leather and fabric seating upholstery options in various colors, allowing you to make sure the color of the chair fits the feel of your home theater. And our 3D Build lets you explore all your options. 

The customizer allows you to create a chair with two different tones of colors. This means that one section of the chair can be a different color than another section. You can do this play on two tone leather seats either with color blocking or with contrasting piping. Even better, you can do two-tone theater seating in leather or fabric. You could even choose Nappa leather seats with contrast piping in Parisian velour. Go crazy – create a unique chair for your home theater.

Color Accents & Accessories: Seat Piping, Cup Holders and More

Speaking of piping, another decision that you need to make when creating your chair is if you want piping at all. If you decide your chair needs piping, the customizer allows you to add piping and change its color. You are also able to change the color of the cup holder so that it doesn’t clash with your chair! 

Adding some home theater accessories like a tablet holder, tray table or wine caddy? Customize the finishes on those, too, to keep everything cohesive and consistent. Designing truly luxury home theater seating means adding function and style right down to the smallest details.

Play Around with Ideas for Seat Configuration

The layout of your home theater chairs will depend on your personal needs and the layout of your media room at-large. We have endless options to suit literally anyone’s home theater needs, including cinema-style sectional sofas, chaise lounges and loveseats; curved rows of movie seating with 2 to 6 seats; riser-style seating with elevated back rows, and much more. We discussed picking your chair configuration in a previous article if you’d like more detail on this step. Between viewing angles, sound cones, row height, etc., there are likely still some details to hammer out with your theater seating setup.

We love our 3D customizer, and we know you will, too. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want until you can really see exactly what’s out there. Go ahead, give it a try.