The Perfect Media Room Furniture is Key in a Great Home Theater

Basement home theaters and dedicated media rooms are on the rise. Heck, even churches are switching out their old pews for modern church theater seating. And since most of us have budgets to consider, many of these are DIY home theaters. The thing is, creating a DIY home theater in your space isn’t that hard; with Valencia Home Theater Seating, you can get your seating, home theater accessories, and even home theater risers if you’re going for stadium theater seating. And if you want tricked-out home theater recliners; we’ve got those, too: bass shakers, ambient underfoot lighting, motorized lumbar functions and reclining mechanisms – no one will even know you DIY’d your home theater, let alone its seating. 


When you’re designing and building your new home theater, there are a lot of variables to consider. The room size, windows, where the room is in the house, budget, and other things are all going to affect the choices you make. For instance, a basement home theater is going to have height limitations; you probably can’t pull off a stadium theater seating design – you’ll need to come up with some other basement seating ideas. Or if you’re just trying to make your living room more of a media room? Well then, a row of 4 seat curved theater seating isn’t going to work; you’ll need an entertainment room couch or home theater sectional sofa instead. 

So, have you considered yet what kind of home theater seating you’ll want for your new media room? If you want your home theater to be the best it can be, you may want to consider rearranging your priorities, because choosing the best layout and the most comfortable home theater seating available is integral to a great movie-watching or gaming experience. 

Think about it – you can have the most impressive projector and screen setup in the world, but if your home theater sectional, sofa or recliners are uncomfortable, you’ll be squirming around and unable to settle in for the movie. We’ve all gone to the movies at a theater with terrible seating; it takes away from the movie experience, right? So, to choose your ideal media room furniture, you need to consider (1) the purpose(s) of your home theater and (2) the construction and arrangement of your home theater seats.

Is Your Home Theater Dedicated or Does it Need to be Versatile?

One size does not fit all when it comes to what type of media room furniture you choose. Consider the size and shape of your home theater room, but also consider its purposes. Is it going to be used solely as a home theater? Will it be a more versatile entertaining space with a bar area, or table games like pool? Or are you trying to make your living room do double duty with upgraded electronics and furniture that is home theater furniture and living room furniture?

The best home theater seating for a dedicated, main level home theater:

  • Stadium style home theatre seating
  • 4 seat theater seating
  • Home theater recliners on riser platforms

The best seating ideas for a basement home theater:

  • Wall hugger theater seating
  • Home theater sectionals
  • Home theater loveseats
  • Grey or white theater seating

The best media room furniture for a living room/media room:

  • Home theater sectionals
  • Theater loveseats
  • Fabric home theater seating
  • Home theater chaise lounge
  • Brown leather theater seating
  • Non leather, microfiber theater seating

The best choices for man cave seating:

  • Racing style two tone leather seats
  • Red theater seats
  • DIY stadium seating on home theater risers
  • Club-style plush brown theater seating

The great thing about all these options is, even for the choices that double as living room furniture, you still get all the great features of home theater furniture, like lumbar support and biomechanical ergonomics. Who doesn’t want entertainment room couches with LED-lit cup holders and a motorized reclining system? With the selection of home theater furniture available, and the ability to customize the look and layout of it, having a media room in your home is easier than ever.

The Most Important Features of the Most Comfortable Home Theater Seating

One size also does not fit all when it comes to the comfort of home theater furniture. We all sit similarly, but body size, preferences, spinal structure and other factors affect what each of us find comfortable. The best home theater seating manufacturers use biomechanical ergonomics like lumbar support, powered headrests and high-density foam to ensure that no matter your body type, the home theater chair, recliner, sofa or sectional is able to adjust and mold to every body type. Here at Valencia, we actually conducted studies in order to make sure our products are the most comfortable home theater seating you can find. We had 1000 participants experience our Tuscany home theater recliner. 980 of those participants reported a positive, very comfortable experience. That’s a 98% success rate. There’s a reason that pro-gamers come to Valencia for their media room furniture.

The Best Home Theater Seating Manufacturers can Make Custom Solutions for You


Valencia is a unique home theater seating manufacturer for several reasons. Not only does our home theater seating have endless options for look, size, features and accessories for home theaters, but we offer various options for leather as well as fabric home theater seating. Our selection of leather theater seating features several styles and colors of full-grain Nappa leather in quilted, plush designs or clean, sleek designs. But what really makes us the best home theater seating manufacturers is that we work with our customers to make custom solutions tailored to their needs, because every home is unique, and so is every home theater. We have a 3D build module for each one of our products so you can actually see what your DIY home theater seating would look like and how it would function. And like we said, we have a 98% satisfaction rate with the quality and comfort of our home theater seats. That’s a virtually unbeatable success rate. So if you’re searching for the perfect media room furniture for your home theater, we’re the ones to go to.