Michael Mansell’s ShedCave Makeover

The Project: A New Take on the Traditional Man Cave

Last year, Michael told us about his project of creating the ultimate ShedCave with a fully functional and high-tech media room inside. It sounded like an ambitious build, but if you know anything about Michael, you could say “Ambitious” is his middle name.  As a business mentor, marketing expert and home theater fanatic, he set his goals and made them happen! From luxury man cave multimedia seating, to high-tech projecting and professional-grade soundproofing, let’s take a look at how this business mogul made his media room happen.

Creating the Space to Make his Home Theater Happen

Michael dreamed of having his own home theater in his home for years, but couldn’t spare the space in his house. So he got creative. After tons of research, Michael decided to turn his backyard into a retreat and build a shed from the bottom up, specifically for his media room. He set out all his tools and got to work. After completing the plans for his 14×20 foot structure, the first step was pouring the concrete pad and framing the shed. Pouring the concrete and framing was done all in one day!  He then adjusted his plan to accommodate a higher roof. He had to make sure there was enough overhead room for stadium-style theater seating and a projector mounted overhead.

Carefully Designing and Executing the Plan

Using Google sketch, he planned the inside layout of the media room. Planning is probably the most important part of the process in building a home theater. You have to carefully calculate sound cones, viewing angles, projector distance, screen size, theater furniture layout – this part of the process took Michael longer than the actual construction of the ShedCave. 

Within 2 months, Michael had planned the interior, built up the riser system for his little home theater, installed the electrical, and installed the air conditioning. The speaker wires were incorporated into the build, and 2 layers of thick drywall soundproofed the walls. The walls were then painted a warm grey tone and feature 2-dimensional segments with mounted lighting units. 

One of the nice touches in this home theater is the DIY acoustic panels Michael constructed that match the ShedCave decoration perfectly. He laid down smart-stain plush carpet that coordinated with the room and provides more soundproofing for the media room.

The Tech: the Crowning Jewel of any Man Cave

The ShedCave features an impressive surround sound system; with Triad Silver 4 LCR Speakers, the room delivers the ultimate in dynamic audio.  Each speaker is covered with a coordinating acoustic panel.  The ceiling has Dolby Atmos Ceiling Triad Silver 9 sat speakers. Michael even built his own flat packed sub-woofer system that houses Dual Devastators GSG Audio BTS.

 The screen projector is a 16:9 width by 2.35 masking 110” Seymour A.T and is paired with a 4K projector JVC RS2000 NX7.  Despite not having pervious home theater building experience, Michael really made this room special.

The Lighting: Design and Function

The warm, up/down lights and pot lights above on the ceiling give a warm and welcoming feel to the ShedCave. And, to top off the lighting system, Michael installed blue LED lighting along the edges of the steps on his custom-built second level riser that match his theater seat lighting. He has further plans to add a starlight ceiling in the future! The unique theater accessories he chose for his home theater, including the lighting accents on the theater seats, really set this space apart.

The Seating brings the Design of the Room Together

This stylish nouveau man cave room is clean, modern, and free of clutter. Of course, our favorite part is the theater seating! We were thrilled when Michael chose 8 Valencia Tuscany theater seats to complete the room. These luxury home theater recliners feature beautiful diamond stitching, LED lighting, and touch pad controls. They are the ultimate in comfort and are made of top-grain Italian leather. 

Nothing says “extreme home theater experience” like sitting in your own personal leather reclining chair and watching your favorite movie. As far as man cave seating goes, this is hard to beat. We’re sure Michael’s ShedCave will see a lot of game-watching parties in its lifetime.

We are blown away by Michaels build. Learn more about him at:

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