How to Remove Stains From Your Leather Theater Seat

Picture this: you’re sitting in your media room, in your beautiful leather theater seat enjoying a wonderful movie when you accidentally spill some water on your chair. The scariest part of this story? You didn’t notice you spilled your water. This can result in something that all leather furniture owner’s fear: a stain on your luxurious Nappa Leather 10000 home theater chair. The good news is that you can remove stains from your leather theater seats without damaging the leather. And that doesn’t just go for water – we know the best ways to get out other types of stains as well. If you’ve just bought any of Valencia’s luxury leather theater seating for your home, this is a good article to read so you don’t panic when life accidentally happens to your media room furniture.

Cleaning Water Stains out of a Leather Home Theater Recliner

Water can seem harmless, but if you spill water on your leather theater seat and leave it, it can result in a watermark. If you spill water and immediately try to soak it up with a cloth, you usually can prevent it from staining. But what if it still stains? Don’t worry, you can still clean water marks out of that beautiful Nappa leather; all you need are 3 things: a natural or white microfiber cloth, some distilled water, and leather conditioner. Try to avoid using a colored cloth just to make sure that none of the color bleeds into the leather, leaving your home theater chair looking even worse than before. Once you have all the supplies ready, the process of cleaning a water stain out of your leather theater seat is simple:

  1. First, you want to lightly dampen your microfiber cloth, but make sure it is not too wet!
  2. Once your cloth is damp, start at the center of the water stain and wipe outwards in a circular motion. Keep doing this till you can no longer see the water mark
  3. Wait for it to dry. If the stain is still there after it has dried, repeat step 2. Keep repeating until the stain is no longer visible after drying.
  4. After the stain is no longer visible, rub some leather conditioner on the spot. Now the water stain should be gone and the leather should be saved!
Removing Grease Stains from a Leather Theater Seat

Eating greasy popcorn while watching a movie is inevitable, and sometimes spills happen. However you get grease on you chair, grease stains happen. These type of stains are a bit more difficult to deal with than water stains, but they can still be dealt with. To get an unsightly grease stain out of your leather home theater chair, you need a natural or white microfiber cloth, corn starch or talcum powder, and leather conditioner. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to restore your leather theater seat to looking like new:

  1. As soon as you notice grease is on your chair, try to blot out as much of the grease as possible using the dry microfiber cloth. You won’t be able to get off all the grease, but try your best to get as much as you can.
  2. Next you want to cover the entire stain with corn starch or talcum powder and let it sit overnight. The powder should absorb oil and moisture, slowly, but without risking damaging the leather on the theater chair.
  3. The next day, you want to gently wipe the corn starch or talcum powder away. If the stain is still there repeat the process until the stain is no longer present.
  4. Once the stain is completely gone, rub some leather conditioner on the spot where the stain was

Getting Ink Stains out of a Leather Home Theater Seat

You just got home after a long day of work. You sit down in your favorite media room recliner, and you hear a crack. You forgot that you had a pen in your back pocket. And now the ink has spilled all over your leather theater chair (Not to mention, your pants)! No matter how you spill ink on your chair, ink stains are no joke. Sadly, there are no home remedies to easily remove these stains from your top-grade Nappa leather. But have no fear, there is still a way to remove ink stains from your leather home theater chair.

The bad news is you will need to invest in an ink removal stick; the good news is they are usually not expensive! Each brand of ink removal stick works differently, so make sure to read the instructions carefully before using it. Always make sure you apply leather conditioner after the stain is removed in order to make sure that your leather does not dry up.

What About Other Types of Stains?

But what if you’ve spilt wine on your chair? Or somehow bleed on your chair? When it comes to more advanced stains like these example it is always a good idea to contact a professional. There are many companies out there who specialize in removing stains in leather, so contacting one of these companies is a good idea. Full-grain leather like ours is a natural material, so it is sensitive to how it’s treated. You don’t want to ruin your leather theater seat by scrubbing until you strip or tear the leather. And you don’t want to blindly pour cleaners at the site of the stain, hoping for the best, only for that area to dry out and crack days later. Nappa leather theater seats are truly luxury, so they should be handled with care. Some times in life you really just should call a professional.

So if you’ve just received your order of home theater seating from Valencia and are terrified of ruining the leather – don’t be; now you know how to deal with spills and stains! Whether its water, grease or ink, you can still save your high-quality Nappa leather theater seats if you follow these helpful tips!