Ultimate Guide To Your Man Cave Essentials

Who doesn’t want a man cave? After a long day, having some space to think and have a little fun is everything you need to recharge for the weekend. Decompress, enjoy a movie and a cold beer, and feel your worries disappear! But how should you design this converted office, den or basement home theater? There are so many options! Here are the must haves for your man cave setup:


  1. Mini bar & snacks

The key to any man cave worthy of the name is having enough snacks and beverages for a couple hours of relaxation (away from the kitchen!). Making sure your space is well stocked with all sorts of snacks will grant you a little break from the routine.

Although there are all sorts of impressive mini bar setups, wine coolers and the like, for starters you only really need either a small fridge or an ice cooler where you can keep your drinks cool and refreshing. For snacks, pick things you already enjoy! It will make for a fun and relaxing evening. And while you’re at it, make sure the man cave seating you choose has dedicated cup holders so you can laze around and move as little as possible.

  1. Giant screen

What would a man cave be without a big screen? Whether you want it to be a quiet place for self-reflection or somewhere you and the guys can enjoy games and movies, the screen is key to a man cave’s success.

This one comes to personal taste, as well as what you plan on watching: maybe you’re after ultimate high-definition for immersive video game nights, or you’d rather have a modest TV and more room for a pool table.

  1. Games

Speaking of pool tables, your man cave needs some fun! Besides the TV, games are one of the most important elements of the room: what else will you do in it? Depending on what you like to play, you can splurge in a big professional pool table, or you could even stock up to have your very own home casino! Invite friends and family (over 18!) to enjoy an evening of fun and beer to lift everyone’s spirits. If you want to maximize on table top game space but still want a theater kind of vibe, entertainment room couches like home theater sectional sofas do both.

  1. Comfortable Chairs

Speaking of media room furniture – you could always use an old sofa discarded by the neighbors, but nothing gives a man cave a lavish touch like plush, comfortable seating. The key in a man cave is getting comfy, and you’re not getting it with an old flattened couch! If you’re doing this, you might as well do your man cave seating the right way! A great seat for a man cave is comfortable, luxurious and designed to stand the test of time. Of course, leather is a must. If you’re going for a pool club style, brown theater seating lends a warm feeling. Or if you’re really into gaming, two tone leather seats are reminiscent of racing. The great thing about Valencia Home Theater Seating is that even when you choose non-traditional seating like home theater sectionals or loveseats, you still get all the comfort, bells and whistles of a traditional home theater recliner. The most comfortable home theater seating is going to have ergonomics and the right cushioning in mind, no matter what kind of man cave seating you choose.

Want some inspiration? Check our product page for ideas on seat options that will fit your needs and your space. The sky is the limit!