How to Integrate Form, Comfort & Function in Your Home Theater Seating?

How to Integrate Form, Comfort & Function in Your Home Theater Seating?

The impactful surround-sound and enormous screen are something that everyone looks forward to while setting up a home theater in their house. However, you should also pay equal attention to functional and comfortable seating.

You should keep this in mind that the home theater seating should have the best chairs/recliners as you would be spending a continuous three hours sitting on them at one time. The recliner that you chooser should be both comfortable and functional.  The perfect chair should allow you to relax while also providing somewhere to place your drink and popcorn while enjoying a movie. 

Theater seating

In case you want to achieve a traditional feel of cinema with more than one row of seats, then you should preferably consult a professional who deals in installation of seating for home theaters. The price per seat considerably varies and there are several options available but it all depends on what you want out of your home theater. Many prefer multiple rows of recliners generally up to four rows.

Apart from choosing the leathers and the seating styles, you can also opt to choose whether you require to place the rows in curved or straight positions. You can also choose the type of the leather like whether you want to go for pure leather or lesser expensive “bonded leather”. You can also get stand-alone recliners which have cupholders built within the recliner.

There is the availability of recliners which may include lighted and standard cupholders, armrest, LED lighting and several other add-ons. Many home theater recliners do have a glow under the seats which offer a complete theater experience. There are a few companies which also offer heating and massage option for the ultimate luxury. Some of the chairs are designed in such a manner that they offer movement in tandem along with the motion that occurs on the screen.


Sectional sofas are readily available in the market and is a great option for the media rooms in your house. The sectional sofas undoubtedly lend a homey and warm feel to the users. You can opt to choose from a large variety of leathers, styles, seating configurations and fabrics.

The possibilities majorly include powered end or manual recliners. There are also chaise-style footrests that add to your comfort considerably. The corners are equipped with adequate storage and cupholders.

The Bottomline

Beyond the convenience features and sheer comfort, you should not miss out on paying attention to lumbar and head support that vary with brands and models. You should also pay proper attention to the chosen recliner’s reclining mechanisms. In case there is a wall directly beyond the space where you will place your recliners, you would preferably require “wall-away” recliners which comfortably permit the full reclining position with just a little clearance space ranging to a couple of inches. Finally, if you are willing to go with upholstery, then you should ensure to choose a stain-resistant fabric.