How To Have The Ultimate Movie Night With Your Family During COVID-19

How To Have The Ultimate Movie Night With Your Family During COVID-19

Movie theaters are closed, and most likely will be closed for a few more weeks. But this does not mean you and your family cannot have a great movie experience. With a good home theater setup, some good snacks, and a wonderful movie you can still have a great movie night with the family! This blog post is here to tell you how you can still have an amazing movie experience during quarantine.

Your Home Theater Setup

First thing that will make your home movie experience that much better is your movie viewing set up. There are 3 main components that impact your movie viewing experience: your screen, your audio equipment, and your seating. If all 3 of these are high quality, your home theater can be just as good, or even better than any movie theater out there!

1. The Screen

The screen that you watch your movie on is very important. You want your images to be as clear and big as possible so you find yourself becoming completely immersed in the film. There are two main options for screens, a TV or a projector screen. A big thing to note is that a high quality projector and projector screen like Elunevision’s Aurora 4K Ambient Light Rejection screen can be just a clear as a lot of TV’s out there! Projectors can provide a crisp image while also being massive, making it feel like you’re in a theater. But a 4K QLED TV has incredibly crisp images but are very expensive. When it comes to picking a screen for your theater set up you need to consider the size of your media room (you cant fit a massive projector screen in a small room!) and how much you’re willing to spend. Make sure what ever your budget is, you try to get a screen that is both clear and big.

2. Audio Equipment

Another big component  of the movie experience is sound! TV speakers are not that great, so if you really want to have a great movie experience you need to buy some top quality audio equipment. A less expensive option is to buy a soundbar to place under your screen. But if you truly want to have the movie theater experience you to invest in some bigger speakers. When it comes to buying speakers it can get a little complicated because there are so many different kinds. To make your life easier a lot of retailers sell packages of speakers called “Home Theater in a Box” which is all you need to make a good home theater. For example, Eastporters sells the KEF T305 System which contains sub woofers, tower speakers, and all the speakers you need to have the best movie experience!

3. Theater Seating

Finally, comfort is everything when it comes to watching a movie. If you are not comfortable the movie will not be enjoyable, no matter how good the movie is. Thus, you need to make sure you have good home theater seating! Using couches or other furniture to watch movies is fine, but a lot of couches start to get uncomfortable after sitting in them for an extended period of time. To upgrade movie experience you should try and buy high quality home theater seats like Valencia Theater Seating’s Tuscany. A home theater seat is built to provide comfort for countless hours. They have motorized headrests and recliners so you can adjust your seating position for maximum comfort. Investing in good theater seating will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole movie, making the movie experience that much better.

The Snacks

Whats a movie without snacks? To ensure you have a great movie experience from your own home you need to have all the proper movie snacks. The snacks you enjoy during a movie varies depending on personal preference. But to truly have a home theater experience you need popcorn. With grocery stores offering curbside pickup, you can pick up snacks from the grocery store without needed to go inside. This means you can get all your supplies for a great movie experience while minimizing human interaction.

The Movie

With movie theaters being closed down a lot of movies that were supposed to be released in theaters have released on streaming apps. This means that you have many options to pick from when it comes to picking a movie! But always make sure you pick a movie that the whole family wants to watch. You want to make sure that everyone who is watching the movie has a chance to enjoy the movie.

With a good setup, some good snacks, and a great movie you can have an amazing movie experience from the comfort of your own home!