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Let us Geek Out with Dreamedia

Snow is falling, you’re shuttering the blinds, pouring a glass of wine, setting the mood, and … crawling on to the couch? That doesn’t sound right.

Picture it like this: You are taking a seat with your date in your luxurious brand new home cinema, the mood lights are low. Your favorite Blockbuster lights up on the ultra wide screen you just had installed. You curl up in warm cozy blankets on the best home theater seating with your body surrounded by premium italian leather. You grab your wine, grab the remote, press play … life is good.

That’s the vision.


This winter season is all about catching up with loved ones in our beloved spaces after being shuttered in for the last 2 years (maybe even alone). However there may be something you or someone you’re close to is lusting after. 

Dreamedia wants to provide you a one-click-stop for everything you would need to build the perfect personal theater space for your watching squad to enjoy this chilly winter season. 

Dreamedia is giving away over $50k in a complete home theater reamplification of yours or someone near and dear to you. This giveaway generously hosted by Dreamedia covers all the costs involved with building and creating your dream media zone!

We decided to share this amazing opportunity with them and the initiative to get one of our shared community members the home theater outfit of their dreams. 

You may be asking: What the heck goes into redoing a room for a home cinema anyway? 

Well, we got you covered. We are here to create a system that is completely tailored to you and your needs.

 Valencia wrote another blog in conjunction with this giveaway detailing all of the itty-bitty metrics and thoughts that go into making the best home theater space. 

Dreamedia covered the rest. Here are the superior products in-store for Dreamedia Man Cave Makeover Giveaway! 

Just click the drop down menu below! 

The real headache. Construction. Equally where everyone starts and more or less where everyone finishes. We understand: construction, costs. For a lot of us the do-it-yourself can end up more like calling-a-handyman. Which is then another, additional cost. With rising prices on labour and material in trades, we decided to take this problem out of the equation by providing access to experts in building to help build you your dream theater. Local companies will be contacted upon drawing the winner of the competition to help budget and plan your new build!

The show stopper. Sound, acoustics, bass, treble and subwoofers are all quintessential parts of a beloved home theater space. They are also some of the most expensive and that bill can add up quickly. We have been graciously gifted by Focal, SVS and Marantz numerous high-tech pieces to add into your dream media space. (no pun intended.)

The winner of this makeover can expect to get a fully immersive, surround sound experience through the generous donors.

The attention grabber. The picture provided by the Epson projector is set to transport you into a new world of colour and image. We are working with the top-of-the-line image and display companies such as Epson and Kaleidescape to bring our winner a full-range scenery experience that will take you up-up-and-away into the magic of movies. 

The sigh of relief. Once tech and construction is completed, our winner will need a place to sit back and relax. Valencia Theater Seating has provided just that. The winner of the Man Cave Makeover will have 2 Oslo Ultimate Luxurys. The most luxurious seating available on the market today for home cinema spaces! We thought the most massive home theater giveaway deserved the best in home theater seating. 

The giveaway closes on December 18, 2022! The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges at Dreamedia based on some key criteria and characteristics based in the submissions. To enter just make sure you follow their social media accounts and Email your man cave to [email protected]

Please remember: Your email must include Full Name, Email, Address, Phone number, and a short 30 second to 1 minute tour of the room you are submitting with/for!

Happy Watching!