2021 Spring and Summer Movie Releases

COVID has changed a lot of things for all of us, some bad, some good. For the first time ever, we are experiencing straight-to-stream Blockbuster movie releases, which has prompted a lot of people to consider incorporating media rooms or home theater furniture into their house’s entertainment spaces. DIY home theaters of all kinds are on the rise, especially basement home theaters. And every movie theater requires special theater seating! We might be stuck in our houses, but with some basic buys like media room furniture and home theater accessories, you can make your home movie watching just as enjoyable as a cinema experience. And once you’ve got your space set up, you’ll want to find movies to watch that are just as great as the home theater you’re watching them in.

Here is a list of the upcoming Spring and Summer releases for this year. Have a look and jot down which ones interest you. There’s definitely some incredible cinematography coming our way!

May 2021 Movie Releases

Wrath of Man

Finally another Jason Stathom movie for us all! This one is based off of French film Cash TruckWrath of Man. Heist movies have been around for quite some time, but Stathom always brings the Action genre to the next level.

Watch the trailer here



Are you a fan of the Saw franchise? So are we. This year it gets resurrected with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson who play two investigative cops who find themselves in the center of a serial killer’s desire.

Watch the trailer here.


Army of the Dead

It’s a Thriller about zombies. That’s all you need to know. 

Watch the trailer here.




Emma Stone stars as the wretched dog-napper that we all love to hate. Adding this one to my personal list as Emma Stone looks absolutely diabolical. 

Watch the trailer here.


A Quiet Place ll

The first film was an absolute hit at the box office and we predict this one will be even more popular. 

Watch the trailer here.

June 2021 Movie Releases


In the Heights 

Adapted from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, In the Heights, this film takes place over three days in the neighbourhood of Washington Heights. 

Watch the trailer here.



The Fast and The Furious just keeps going. And we’re okay with that! Excited to see what they deliver in the NINTH installment.

Watch the trailer here.



Do you remember that story a couple years ago from Rolling Stone Magazine? The one with the girl who went on a joyride herself, picked up a stripper along the way and ended up in Vegas? No? Here’s a movie adapted from that story. Enjoy the ride.

Watch the trailer here.

July 2021 Movie Releases


Black Widow

The Marvel franchise delivers you a superhero movie spotlighting Scar Jo’s Black Widow character. We’re loving this solely for the female superhero lead.

Watch the trailer here.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Who doesn’t need a Space Jam sequel? That’s what I’d like to know! Let’s see if LeBron can measure up.

Watch the trailer here.



This one is M. Night Shyamalan, so you know it’s going to be good! 

Watch the trailer here.

August 2021 Movie Releases

Free Guy

This comedy starring Ryan Reynolds takes you on an action-packed ride when he finds himself stuck in a video game-like world.

Watch the trailer here.


We are so excited to see this biopic about Aretha Franklin because we know Jennifer Hudson is going to do a bang-on job.

Watch the trailer here.



Jordan Peele is going to throttle us again with this sequel to Candyman. We cannot wait.

Watch the trailer here.