We Custom-Matched Supercar Blondie’s Rolls Royce!

See custom theater seating like never before! Color, tech features, customized embroidery, and more!

Brisbane native Alex Hirschi had a penchant for luxury cars from a young age. 

After graduating Queensland University with a degree in Journalism, Alex packed her bags and headed for Dubai. There she would land a 9-year gig as a Dubai Eye’s radio station presenter, interviewing movie stars like John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Liam Neeson.

Alex created quite a name for herself, due to her outgoing and high-energy personality. She continued to gain an audience online and eventually took the plunge back to her roots of supercar fanaticism. Creating a platform for her interest in outlandish and exclusive exotic automobiles, Alex came to be the namesake for everything and anything luxury vehicles, and in that, Supercar Blondie was born.

I’m sure you recognize the name; maybe seen SCB videos on your Facebook or Instagram travels. A quick YouTube search of anything luxury car and one of Supercar Blondie’s videos will pop up as the #1 search result.

Check out SCB’s page and you’ll be greeted by a collection of cars you’ve never seen in your life. Alex showcases some of the world’s most exotic and exclusive cars in the world. Pure and absolute luxury at its finest. 

Recently, we connected with SCB and introduced her to our custom design options for luxury home theater chairs. Our home theater seating perfectly aligns with the quality and luxury that Alex’s car collection possesses, making for the perfect collaboration to create some super-unique leather multimedia chairs that beautifully match her favorite rides.

We started with her custom Rolls Royce.

Finished in Nardo Gray and accented with Hermès Orange, this custom job is stunning! Watch the reveal of it here.

We created a custom Tuscany cinema recliner using Gruppo Mastrotto, our most luxurious and high-end leather, specially imported from Italy. Gruppo has been a staple in the luxury leather industry for decades, sitting at the forefront, and setting a standard for the art of leather tanning. A process of leather tanning like no other, the finished product only improves with age.

Nodding to the absolute decadence of a custom Rolls, this Gruppo Mastrotto grey leather theater seat has two-tone contrast piping, quilted diamond stitching, and custom embroidery on the headrest. The epitome of high-end, old-money design with that modern Hermès Orange twist, we knew this collaborative adventure with SBC was only going to get cooler from here.

So next, we created something a little louder in appearance to match her neon lime BMW X6!

We sourced the outrageously unique color from Gruppo Mastrotto’s collection and accented it with jet black. We customized the headrest with embroidery of the Supercar Blondie logo, and added all of our premium tech features! As she showed us around her home, it became apparent SBC is more than just a luxury sports car fan; she’s a fan of upscale, tricked out theater chairs, too. 

Lastly, we customized our new Naples model with black Parisian velour, Italian leather piping, piano wood armrests with built-in cup holders, and powered features! The choice of velour fabric for these custom multimedia recliners adds dynamic texture to her studio space.

Watch us play around with these luxury, feature-packed home cinema chairs, and get a closer look at the chairs and their matching luxury cars !