Valencia Premiere Theater Seating Experience

Designed with Luxurious Comfort in Mind

When you think of incredibly luxurious seating for home theaters, what do you think of first? Is it the smooth, supple leather-upholstered media room recliners that exude class and timelessness? What about the bespoke details like LED ambient base lighting and hidden armrest storage lined in velour that can turn an ordinary home theater chaise lounge into something extraordinary and coveted? Or is it the superior comfort and support that features like ergonomic design lend to seating? After all, back and neck support is key when you’re lounging around in the same spot for a few hours at a time. 

The most comfortable theater seating has to do with more than just cushions and upholstery, and the best manufacturers of home theater furniture hold that value at the front of their mind when designing and crafting media room furniture. Part of a great movie-watching experience is being comfortable, which is why your comfort is our priority in our theater seating designs. An estimated 75-85% of people deal with back pain at some point through their lives, and it only becomes more commonplace the older you get. That’s why delivering and providing media room furniture that’s actually comfortable to sit in is important to us—because let’s face it: some of the top-selling home theater chairs out there are just for show and are nice to look at. However, it’s possible to have both form and function co-existing together harmoniously—and luxuriously.

We’ve engineered our Premiere Theater Seating to provide the support and softness you need to be able to watch the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy or binge a season (or 4) of LOST. That’s a lot of watching, but our multimedia room recliners that are the definition of comfort make it possible. All of our multimedia seating has dedicated Pneumatic Lumbar Support designed with pressure-relieving ergonomics in mind. 

Lumbar support is an essential in today’s world no matter if you’re working an office job or relaxing in your home theater with the family after a long day of work. Chairs designed with lumbar support take the pressure off your back by properly aligning your muscles and spine. We’ve all been there at one point or another, stuck in what very well may have been the world’s most uncomfortable seat for an extended period of time, only to get up and realize the toll it has taken on your back. Thankfully, when you slip into an ergonomically-designed media room loveseat, that feeling of impending back-doom all but disappears. 

The lumbar support is a cushion specially engineered to preserve your back’s health. Designed to accommodate to your comfort, the lumbar support firmness can be adjusted at the touch of a button, ensuring the ideal support to your lower back in any position.

The Pneumatic Lumbar Support will feel like slipping into a gentle cloud after a tiring day. Sometimes, when you stay too long in the same posture, your back will take the toll, getting stiff as time goes by. With the adjustable lumbar support, you can easily adjust your support on the fly, allowing you to enjoy your shows for hours on end without tensing your back. Since it’s adjustable, you even have the luxury of switching up your seating positions while still receiving the ultimate in comfort. It doesn’t get much better than our line of premiere theater room seating with exquisite leather upholstery that is designed at its core to deliver unparalleled support where it matters.

Details Engineered to Deliver Luxury

A chair can be the softest in the world, but if it lacks neck support, straining your neck can be uncomfortable after just a few minutes. It can turn one of your favorite movies into a grueling experience if the chair is slacking in the ergonomics department—just think back to going to movie theaters growing up. The chairs lining the theaters definitely didn’t have any sort of special support going on, and there were definitely times where you left the theater feeling more pain and stiffness than excitement from seeing the latest summer hit. Through our design process we strive to achieve ultimate ergonomic support in all the right places. The Tuscany, for instance, keeps your spine aligned and your muscles relaxed, while supporting your legs, back and your neck. There’s a reason the Tuscany is one of our most popular entertainment room recliners—well, there’s probably more than one reason, but the superior support our chairs provide is pretty high up on that list. Just take a look at the home theater seating reviews for the Tuscany by our customers, and you’ll see that ultimate comfort isn’t further away than a few clicks.

Our specialists have designed the Powered Headrest for proper head and neck support, which is different for everyone, which is why the Powered Headrest is entirely customizable. This way, you can choose the position that better fit your needs. The smooth mechanism of the headrest allows you to change positions without interrupting your show.

The Science Behind our Seat Construction

It’s not just what’s on the outside that matters. Our theater seating, whether recliners, couches, sectionals or loveseats, is constructed in solid wood and steel with the ergonomic Leggett-Platt reclining mechanism. The Leggett-Platt mechanism, pioneered by Leggett & Platt, is so popular and beneficial that many furniture companies today incorporate it into their design—and it’s no different when it comes to our entertainment room sofas and chairs. The mechanism is just one part of the whole package that delivers consistent quality and comfort to our customers. This reclining mechanism ensures smooth reclining through consistent use over years. It reclines your body in a way that takes pressure off your spine and keeps your head and neck at the perfect viewing angle. With fine-tuned controls, you can recline into the perfect position for you, delivering comfort and relaxation—just make sure to not fall asleep during the movie. 

The other great thing about this reclining mechanism is that it turns any model into wall-hugger theater seating, because it takes up less space when fully reclined. This means that our multimedia room chaise lounges, loveseats, and sofas are perfect for any space, big or small. You’ll be right up against the wall, leaving more room to move around and enjoy yourself in your home theater. Our high-density foam seat cushion as well is built and shaped to relieve the right pressure points while remaining supportive, and it stands up to heavy use.

Our Premier Seating has been engineered to give you the ultimate comfort from the inside out; the surface of your seat is just as important. Our Premiere Theater Seating is covered in the highest quality Nappa 11000 full-grain leather. Hand-treated and dyed by experts, the Nappa leather used in all our multimedia furniture pieces is selected from the top 20% of raw cow hide. To ensure maximum comfort, we have developed a Diamond Quilting technique, a stitching pattern that transforms the surface of each chair into dozens of tiny cushions. Available in timeless colors like black media room seating or brown theater room recliners, not only are our chairs impossibly comfortable and supportive, but they’re designed to stand the test of time and be a piece of multimedia room furniture that you keep coming back to, time and time again. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate cinema experience, Valencia Premiere is the home theater seating you’re looking for.