Soft Nappa Leather with Diamond-Stitched Cushions

Valencia Premiere Seating is made only from the finest materials, inside and out. We build our home theater seating with solid wood and steel construction, lumbar support and ergonomic reclining. We then cover our media room furniture pieces with full-grain leather of such quality you’ll be hard-pressed to find another manufacturer of luxury home theater seating with our array of styles, colors and features of our hand-picked, curated swaths of genuine Nappa leather. 

Home Theater Seating in the Highest Quality Nappa 11000 Leather

Soft Nappa leather brings the ultimate comfort, with a soft feel on the skin that only gets better with age. Nappa leather is the result of a very extensive and delicate process. Experts must tan and treat cowhides in order to achieve the soft and supple effect desired. Selected from only the best parts of healthy, quality cowhides, the leather on all our Tuscany seats is guaranteed to smell wonderful, look great, and provide the highest comfort and quality.

In order to provide our customers with a luxurious, pliable, and durable leather, we must choose carefully the raw cow hide. Only a small portion of raw cow hide can classify as Grade 11000, which is comprised of the top 20% material from a raw cow hide.

Treated with the upmost care, the leather used in our premium line is hand-treated in order to become pliable and soft. Our craftsmen treat the leather slowly and carefully in order to achieve the absolute highest quality. Thus, you can choose the color you want your Tuscany seats to be. Hand-dyed by our experts, expect deep and vivid colors that really pop.

Lavish comfort is something achieved by taking care of the little details, and this is what make our line of Premiere Seating so exceptional. This is why even the tiniest corner of our chairs is manufactured with care, so you feel pampered and supported.

Valencia’s Designer Diamond Quilted Stitching Technique

We have developed the Diamond Quilted Stitching technique, a stitching pattern that transforms a comfortable seat into an incredible one.  Our signature pattern transforms the surface of your chair into dozens of little pillows that make it easy to offer only ultimate comfort. It’s not just a beautiful customization to the leather choices on your home theater chair; it optimizes the ergonomic features of our multimedia recliners.

The Diamond Stitching Pattern also contributes to the elegance to the room the chair is placed in, as it adds a striking and unique feature to any decor. The stylish details of the Premiere Seating is built take a stylish room to the next level without extra effort. You can even decide to highlight the meticulously-crafted stitching pattern by choosing a color that contrasts with the leather color on your movie chairs. It’s a small detail to add to your custom media room furniture design that makes a big impact on appearance and comfort.