Oxford Theater Seating: A Media Sofa Designed for Comfort

Where comfort meets luxury

Our team is proud to introduce the most ambitious Valencia Seating ever: featuring everything you might need to experience utmost luxury and comfort. Luxury has never felt so good! The New Oxford Theater Seating takes the best of our premium designs and improves on it.

From the inside out, Oxford Theater Seating was designed to deliver on every respect: using the internationally-recognized Legget & Platt mechanism you will enjoy smooth transitions from every position. Even more, our motorized recline system makes it easy to switch around without disturbing you or your guests’ viewing experience: just a gentle touch of the discreet switch will swiftly recline your seat.

The Oxford was built to offer luxurious support for your whole body. Featuring a powered headrest, you’re the one who chooses how long your movie night will be, not your achy back!

We’ve incorporated the latest engineering to our design: the adjustable powered headrest lets you take control of your comfort, offering support in all the right places. On the other hand, the Oxford will always be there after a long day.

Our latest Premiere addition

Beyond the sturdy bones and the firm, ergonomic support of the cushions, it’s the Oxford’s details that make it shine above others. Wrapped in supple Nappa Leather, we have handpicked the best cowhides to offer the softest upholstery available on the market, available in a variety of color. To add to the experience, the Oxford also features our signature Diamond Quilt Stitching: designed to add another plush layer of comfort, the diamond stitching brings visual interest while offering luxurious support to every inch of your body.

Although all of these features make Oxford Theater Seating stand out, it is the center console that truly sets it apart from the rest. The center seat swiftly transforms into a console that serves as a tech hub. Boasting USB ports for all of your electronics, as well as cupholders and a table for your snacks, the center console takes the Oxford to a whole new level. The console easily turns the Oxford from a comfy couch to a private seat for two where everything is at your fingertips. The centerpiece of your luxurious Home Theater Room is waiting for you!