Our Craziest Home Theater Transformation Yet!

How To Build a Custom Home Theater

If you’re a home theater enthusiast it’s probably not new for you to see a basic basement transitioned into a luxury home theater. 

It can be a tedious process, but the reward is more than worth it. Your home theater is personal to you and your needs, which hugely contributes to why home theaters take precedence over the generic seating that is seen at your local cinema. 

That being said, let’s address the very obvious elephant in the room: budget. Obviously if your budget is on the larger side, you can really maximize that immersive movie watching session. I’m talking; RGB lighting features, top-of-the-line seating, state-of-the-art projector, a sound system that impresses your friends and scares your mom, and acoustic paneling – to name a few. 

Now, don’t be discouraged if you can’t afford these features. We have accounted for this. Furniture isn’t like it used to be where you only have the option of good or bad. We now have quality tiers. Meaning, alternatives to the premier brands, while still upholding quality (see our Cinema Series here). So there you go; you can create a home theater on any budget (within reason).

When creating the ultimate home theater room setup, you want a design that best utilizes the room. Gone are the days of setting a couple of recliners in front of the TV, and that’s that. Now that we are spending a large portion of our time in front of our favorite streaming channels, more and more homeowners are designing and building dedicated home theaters in their homes. And these DIY home theaters aren’t just an entertainment room couch and a huge TV setup; people all over the country are going all out on these projects. Your home theater is a dedicated space, so you want it to be attractive, just like the rest of your house. Simply, when you spend a lot of time in a particular room, you want it to look nice! Indoor décor isn’t just for the kitchen and living room anymore.

Everyone has different taste, naturally. But there are a few foundational features to creating an attractive home theater that everyone should plan for and coordinate. 

Here’s a step-by-step transformation of our most dramatic home theater room Before & After:

Pick a room in your home that is ideal for your home theater. Ideally, the basement is best due to the lack of windows to fully eliminate natural light.

Once you have the skeleton of your room ready you will install the internal wiring before drywalling. This step is vital, as once the drywall is finalized, there’s really no going back. We highly suggest you follow this order to complete the room most efficiently.

Finish up the drywalling and add any details to express your personal flair (ex. this accented exposed brick wall).

Accented ceiling: this customer constructed a feature rustic wood ceiling. How dreamy?!

The wood beams add a touch of modern design that will really amplify the home theater aesthetic.

Solid wood materials will ensure longevity and will hold its rich luxurious appearance for time to come.

You can even get the family in on the fun!!

The finishing touches are very important and necessary to achieve a luxurious home theater.

This customer went all out and added an in-cinema bar!

A cozy and luxurious home theater for the whole family!

TA-DA! The finished product is custom to this Valencia customer’s taste and made to uphold for years to come!

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