Home Theater Seating and Media Room Chat with YouTube’s Kyle Bliss

We always get a kick out of watching Kyle’s videos on Youtube so we asked him to “virtually” sit down with us on some of our favorite Valencia seats and chat about theater seats and home theaters.

What inspired you to create your home theater room?

I have always been a car and home audio enthusiast. For watching movies and sports, there’s nothing like having the biggest screen and sound possible to feel like you’re right there in the action. I knew once we got a home that would accommodate a theater, I would build one. There have been many build threads on AVS Forums I have seen over the years that helped guide my journey building my own theater.

What influenced the themes and decoration of your home theater?

Well our theater isn’t its own dedicated room, so we tried to make the area fun with a few movie posters (which are actually sound absorption panels!) but didn’t go too crazy with traditional theater decorations. We are starting to fill up some shelves by our fireplace with more props and movie themed items (Baby Yoda obviously made the cut). The ceiling and screen wall are a flat dark grey, the wall behind the seating is a deep red, and there is a thick blackout curtain behind the seating to cover our walkout door, so we tried to make the colors both functional for having a projector and give off a theater vibe.

What are some of your favorite gadgets or toys in your home theater?

You mean besides the Valencia Tuscany XL loveseat?? My favorites piece(s) of equipment have to be the three Stereo Integrity HS-24 subwoofers. I custom built enclosures for these 24” monsters and they are definitely something to experience! They are incredibly accurate subs that have some insane output. For functionality, I installed some MiLight LEDs throughout our bar and behind our Carl’s Place projector screen. It’s extremely nice to be able to hit a button on a remote or your phone to light the place up in whatever color you want, such as red on Chief’s gameday!! The last toy we use quite a bit down here is our Nintendo 64! There’s been some good and aggressive times down here playing Mario Cart…

What do you like about your Valencia theater seats?

So we have the Tuscany XL line of seats in the loveseat configuration. Being 6’5”, these chairs are actually big enough to support my head/neck properly and are almost long enough to completely support my feet! I knew the extra length was something I would need to be comfortable. I can say that the leather/motors are very durable as well. My 2-year-old is constantly raising and lowering the recliner. If you needed a tester for a new motor design, he’s your guy! Overall, I think my wife and I underestimated the importance of comfortable seating when you’re going to be sitting and watching something for several hours. The leather is extremely soft and comfortable, and we did not know what we were missing without cup holders! These seats have honestly been one of the biggest improvements to our experience down in the theater and we have loved them since day one!

You opened your Valencia Theater Seating with a sword, though we don’t recommend that for the general public, lol, where did you get those sword skills!?

Skills?? You may want to re-watch the video! I’m lucky I didn’t poke out an eye! Haha I try to bring out a different knife every time I do a video where I unbox something. Keeps it interesting. It was a big box, so I needed a big knife! I’m running out of options though, so the next ones I unbox may get the tape shot off from 100 yards away…

Want to check out Kyle’s Youtube Channel for yourself?  Check him out here: https://bit.ly/35R6Ujg

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