Home Theater Furniture Can Be for Gaming Rooms Too!

With the advancements in gaming over even just the last decade, more and more people are getting into the activity, and some even game professionally by streaming matches or playthroughs on popular sites like YouTube or Twitch. It’s no wonder that the people who are more invested in gaming—whether it’s professionally or just as a main hobby—want to have rooms in their homes that are entirely dedicated to gaming, showcasing their collection of titles, systems, and video game-related décor. And of course, there needs to be room for a big screen to play those titles on and immerse themselves in.

When you think about, the concept of having an entire room dedicated to gaming is not so different from a home theater. They’re both forms of media that can be enjoyed solo or with others, and you’ll ideally want to be sitting in some wildly comfortable entertainment room seating while doing so since you’ll be there for a while. Tons of equipment and furnishings that work well in home theaters can actually easily be placed in gaming rooms interchangeably. Here’s how.

What Sort of Seating is Best for Gaming Rooms?

Gaming rooms see a lot of action, literally. If you like gaming, you know that some sessions can get pretty crazy, especially if you’re playing online with others. So naturally, you’ll want seating that’s going to keep you as relaxed as possible while you’re smashing the controller and making sure you come out on top. Reclining entertainment room chairs that are basically the definition of luxury are some of the softest chairs out there that you can sink right into for extended periods of time. 

Depending on the style and vibe you’re going for, you could get leather-upholstered media room recliners in black, or—if your gaming room is already brightly decorated—you could go bold and choose some red entertainment room seating instead. Leather is by far the most comfortable option, as the material will only get softer and more pliable with age, but fabrics, like media room seating with microfiber upholstery, work just as well.

When it comes to the number of seats you can reasonably fit into a gaming room, it depends. How big is the room itself? Are you more of a solo gamer? Do you ever have friends come over to hang and play games with you? If you’ve got a smaller room to start with, take advantage of your space and find a media room chair that backs right up against the wall when it reclines—when you’ve got a tiny area to work with, every inch of free space counts. If you tend to play games only by yourself, and you save all the fun with friends for online matches rather than in real life, you probably won’t need much more than a single chair or maybe an entertainment room loveseat that reclines in the rare event you have someone else in your gaming room. Alternatively, if you’ve got a league of friends who come over to kick it and play games all through the evening on the regular, you’ll obviously want more seats like a row of four media room chairs or even enough reclining entertainment room chairs to fit six people. That way, no one ends up gaming from the floor and craning their necks at the screen (see, we told you there were similarities to home theaters).

While on the topic of seating, if you’ve got a larger space and are planning on getting multiple seats, you could always invest in a platform riser for entertainment room recliners. Like the name implies, the risers elevate your seating and make it so everyone seated in the back row still has a clear view of the screen—which is even more important with gaming if you’re trying to win any matches against others.

Haptic Feedback Makes Gaming More Immersive Too

No matter whether you’re watching a movie or playing one of your favorite video games, immersion is something that everyone strives for—it’s part of the enjoyment, after all. Being able to lose yourself and escape to an alternate world for an hour or two is what draws people in in the first place. With recent technological advancements, it’s possible to immerse yourself even more in games with the help of a couple pieces of equipment. 

Bass shakers are a great entry point to haptic feedback, which essentially just means when something happens on screen with heavy bass, you’ll feel the vibrations from that same adrenaline-pumping moment. Getting a media room chair equipped with bass shakers is the easiest way to go about this, and there are tons of models of bass shakers out there, depending on the level of intensity you’re looking for. It’ll make every match or playthrough of your favorite action games that much more engaging, leaving you feeling like you’re a part of the experience.

If you’re looking to take things to the next level, however, entertainment room chairs with D-BOX built in will translate what’s happening on screen at all times into motion that you feel in your seat. This takes things a step above bass shakers and leaves you on a rollercoaster of shakes, vibrations, and booms as you go about playing action-packed games. While it may sound like a lot, when you’re using D-BOX seats at home, you’ll be able to adjust the intensity of the response for either smooth sailing or full throttle depending on what you’re feeling up to.

While they’re slightly different in terms of engagement and content, home theaters and gaming rooms end up sharing a plethora of similarities in the end, and no matter what you’re doing, those luxe multimedia room recliners will serve you well.