Custom Home Theater Seating

Check out our 3D Tuscany Customizer Tool!

The long awaited Tuscany Customizer has made its debut … And it’s FANTASTIC! 

Finally, you can customize your Tuscany home theater seating using our vast selection of luxury features. Never before has there been a theater chair company that has created a Customizer akin to the likes of Porsche, Hermés, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

How do you use our Customizer to design your Tuscany home theater recliner? And what features do we have, you ask?


I’ll tell you. But first, let’s get acquainted with the basics of the 3D Tuscany Customizer. You’ll notice that within the Customizer window itself, you have a 3D model of the “basic” Tuscany movie-theater recliner chair. I say “basic” because, just to the right of the Customizer you’ll see a box titled “Included as Standard,” which lists all the luxury features that already come with the theater chair. The Tuscany starts out fancy; the Customizer gives you options to totally trick it out. Now, as you go through creating your one-of-a-kind home theater furniture with the Customizer, you can click, hold and drag on the window to rotate your virtual model, and you can keep track of the price with the little PIP window at the lower right hand corner. Each time you make a choice, the Customizer will update the virtual model so you can see exactly what your home theater recliner would look like. 

Okay, let’s get started.

1. Customize the Upholstery on Your Tuscany Home Theater Recliner

You will first start off by choosing your leather type. But hold up! If leather isn’t your thing, we also have options for fabric on your theater seating. All of our materials are of the highest quality; price varies depending on type and quality of material. Our Italian leather collection stems from premium top grain Italian Nappa leather 11000 to Gruppo Mastrotto.

The Nappa leather is supple, soft and durable. Perfect for any long-standing binge watching sessions in your home theater room. The Nappa leather brings your living space a sense of luxury and opulence that you cannot achieve with basic theater-style recliners. If you want to go even further up the leather grade scale, take a look at our Gruppo Mastrotto lines; Linea and Tuscania. 

The undeniable quality of this leather hide is unmatched. Unlike standard chemically infused leathers, Gruppo Mastrotto is cured using vegetable oil over the course of days. The natural infusion results in one of the purest forms of leather tanning. Gruppo Mastrotto has utilized the same curing measures for centuries.

Next we have the choice of Parisian Velour. Think about it as a warm, cozy embrace, so silky-soft you just might fall asleep for one or two episodes. Our velour fabric finish is a great alternative to a leather finish, if that is your personal preference

Lastly, our Vegan Leather is a great choice if you are looking for quality sustainable theater seating. Virtually the same feel and look of our Nappa leather, without the use of animals. Not only is our Vegan leather made sustainably, we also use manufacturers that conduct their engineering using sustainably-run facilities

2. Choose the Finishes on Your Tuscany Multimedia Recliner

Upholstery Color: Once you have chosen your leather (or fabric!) preference, you can then choose your primary color, and your two-toned colour (if that is the look you desire). There are endless color combinations to choose from, including choices for contrasting piping. The color(s) you choose for your home theater recliner is a big choice – it’s really going to lead the vibe of your theater furniture and, in turn, your entire home theater. With 17 different color options just for leather, there’s a lot you can play around with when creating a movie chair with the Customizer.

Arm and Leg Finishes: Next, you have the option of adding premium oak wood accent plates to the front of the chair’s legs. You have the choice of Walnut, Ebony, and Red Wood. On top of that you can choose between the finishes of: High Gloss, Satin, and Matte. That’s 9 different possible finishes – what a selection!

Custom Stitching Options: Now we’ll move onto our stitching options. You can keep the stitching standard OR you have the option to customize your theater chair to feature diamond stitching or French diamond stitching (double diamond). Also want perforated leather? We can do that! Not only does perforated leather give off similar vibes to that of a luxury car, it is also beneficial for material breathability. We particularly like perforated leather on the lumbar support of our home theater recliners for that breathability factor.


Contrasting Piping: Moving along, the next step is to choose whether or not you would like to customize the chair’s piping. This is an eye-catching, subtle detail that brings the multimedia chair to the next level of luxury.

Embroidery Options: Want your initials or logo embroidered on the chair’s headrest? We can do it! You simply send us a vector file of your image and we will have the custom embroidery added to the chair. Personalization at its finest. Is there anything fancier than having monogrammed home theater furniture in your media room? Nope. Change my mind.

Custom Lighting Options: Our standard models come with blue LED ambient base and cup holder lighting, but if you’d like to upgrade to RGB LED with Memory, you can choose from 7 different colors and configurations, with the ability to save your favorite combo.

3. Completing the Design and Setup of Your Tuscany Home Theater Furniture

Finishing Touches and Configuration: Lastly, you will choose your desired cup holder and accessory port finish. At this step, you’ll need to know your desired layout of home theater recliners, whether it’s rows of theater chairs, a theater-style sectional or loveseat, etc. If you’re going for stadium-style seating, this step is where you’ll opt in for a home theater riser or riser platform. And finally, you can choose between a straight configuration or a curved design. We like a curved front row of theater seating – it’s another great, boujee touch that also serves to create a cozier vibe and increase the quality of viewing angles for those people on either end of the row.

Oh, and we also can add on bass shakers at this step so that you feel the bass of a commercial movie theater from the comfort of your home. Tap into the authenticity of the movie theater roar!

So there you have it, our Tuscany Customizer Tool in all of its glory. Click the link below and play around with the combinations. They’re endless!

Tuscany Customizer 

P.S.: Take a look at our home theater accessories. If your goal is to never move once you’ve sat down in your super-fancy, custom Tuscany chair, these wine caddies, tray tables and tablet holders are the perfect way to top off your luxury home-movie experience.