Celebrity Home Theaters

Home Theaters for the Stars

With the state of the world today, more people are choosing to turn their attentions to sprucing up their living space. Home décor and renovation projects have increased, and lots of people are looking to enjoy at home entertaining. With an increased interest in building personal home theaters, we are looking at some celebrity media rooms for inspiration.

Kelly Clarkson (lives in Encino)

American Idol winner, pop star and famous talk show host, Kelly Clarkson lives in Encino California. The star has a stunning mansion and our favorite part is the luxury home theater!  Tastefully decorated with warm grey walls, an extra-large projector system and soft blue lighting, this theater is a true inspiration.  The room features detailed geometric carpeting and wall decoration as well as large leather reclining cinema style seats.

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J-Lo (Bel Aire)

Jenny from the block has moved and now lives in Bel Aire.  In a 28-million-dollar home, Jennifer Lopez’s mansion is a showstopper.  The luxury home features large, open concept rooms and of course, a home cinema.  The home theater has dramatic lighting, crimson cushions and textured walls.  Seating up to 30 people, J-lo’s cinema delivers 90’s nightclub style.

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Khloe Kardasion

Living in L.A’s lap of luxury, Khloe K recently hosted a tour of her impressive Spanish style mansion.  Her beautiful home theater does not disappoint. The media room features a variety of rich velvet textures in neutral tones.  We love the center tables full of snacks and the reclining seating.

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Lebron James

When not on the basketball court dominating the sport, Lebron James is kicking back and relaxing in his high-tech home cinema.  His 17-million-dollar mansion boasts 8 oversized, luxury cinema seats. The room has a sleek modern design with a docking station in each chair.

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Tyler Perry

American actor, director and producer Tyler Perry hosts fellow celebrities such as the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex in his grand L.A Mansion.  Perry has shared photos of the estate on Instagram over the years and the home theater is estimated to have cost approx. $600,000!  Classic, neutral tones, vaulted ceiling and plush textures are pure luxury.  Loveseat style but individually reclining seating is featured in the room and includes separate tablet holders.

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Justin Bieber

Pop star Justin Bieber lives is large in his stellar 8-million-dollar mansion.  Hosting over-the-top parties for celerity friends, Bieber’s home has an impressive home cinema.  Unlike some of the other stars mentioned in our list, Bieber’s theater ditches the neutral tone and instead is decorated in warm chocolate colours.  With a cutting-edge projection and sound system, guests settle into individual leather reclining theater seats.  Each seat is accessorized with rich blankets and plush cushions.

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Chrissy Teigan and John Legend

American sweethearts Chrissy Teigan and John Legend recently hosted a tour of their 24 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.  With extra high ceiling and large windows throughout, the home is elegant and modern.  The couple have made the perfect luxury place for family movie night using soft textures, neutral tones and large oversized soft style seating.

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