Beat Black Friday with the BEST Cinema Seating

Give yourself the real gift that keeps on giving.

Having the fastest shopping cart, worlds largest paper shopping bag or having the largest collection of gift cards would be really handy for the Black Friday arriving. 

The worlds biggest day of both online and in-person shopping is less than 6 hours from arriving and we know that it’s about to be crazy, chaotic and slightly uncontrolled in a shopping center near you! However, that’s the spirit of the Black Friday and we are here to make it a bit better for you.

What would be better than coming home from a long day of elbow jabs, heavy lifting and minor stress-sweats to then sit down in your ultra luxurious, uber supportive and completely motorized for 0-effort adjustments seating? 

The answer: Nothing. 

Why not gift yourself, while gifting everyone else in your life, a great place to calm down after a long weekend of swiping that credit card and burning a hole in your wallet with our luxury home theater line.

Whether you already own a set or are looking to become a part of the growing movement of individuals with personal screening rooms, make Valencia the center piece of your entertainment space.